The best crossover market

The best crossover marketThe best crossover marketThe best crossover marketThe best crossover market

Surely, the success of the phenomenon SUV It is sustained by the powerful image of the bodies of these models and may in its own ergonomics: more spacious cockpits and taller seating. And before this, there is no alternative worth. In fact, it is more than likely that their aptitudes "off road" are the least and in any case, the vast majority of users 4x4 SUV search your integral transmission a pass in order to move or improve Safety on snow and slippery asphalts.

But this does not need a SUV and if you shy away from them for the same reason that for many are their strengths (image size, height), the crossover They offer these skills to shoot low winter conditions from the same base of a conventional tourism. You might think, not without reason, that it would suffice simply a four-wheel drive, but the crossover also they seek one greater specialization to cycle through all kinds of adversity, increasing their ground clearance and preening discreetly aesthetic and functional attachments (protective body, tires higher profile, etc.) that reinforce their personality. Interestingly, crossover They develop on family bodies of models based, becoming conventional tourism polyvalent par excellence.

Subaru Outback: the first

Subaru OutbackUntil 12 crossover derivatives compact saloons have in our market and longevity model (first generation appeared in 1994), "unknown" Subaru Outback It seems the instigator of this segment minority. In 2014 has arrived a new generation (Not available for now in Spain), as always developed from the saloon Legacy Station Wagon. It measures 4.82 meters long and as good Subaru, permanent all-wheel It is indissoluble in the model. He Outback It has a system that sets starting a distribution of torque 50/50 percent wheelbase, with minor variations to avoid breaking the symmetry argument defending as maximum tensile mark. traction Symmetrical AWD It conspires with a specific electronic control traction called X-Mode. This generation has not been presented with the unique boxer engine 2.0 Diesel brand and certainly so is not available in our market.

Audi A4 allroad / A6 allroad designation of origin.

Audi A4 AllroadSurely the name allroad It is for many the generic of this type of vehicle. Audi It takes many years reinterpreting their own crossover about him A6 Avant and recently on A4 Avant. In both cases, quattro It is crucial element of both models, but the A6 allroad which it carries its qualities sedan and of TT almost at the level of best specialists each segment. The key is is your air suspension, with 20 mm plus travel in the A6 Avant air suspension and 3 levels specific regarding the standard height. At position "Dynamic", reduces His height 15 mm and hardens taring, becoming a precise and stable sports saloon asphalt. In mode "allroad" 35 mm up on how "normal" Y "automatic" and finally up other 10 mm plus in mode "lift" (Only up to 10 km / h) to overcome obstacles in true TT style. Meanwhile, A4 allroad It uses the same suspension schemes that A4 quattro, but adapted to a Conventional assembly / damper spring 26 mm higher -and slightly firmer, conferred upon him 37 mm over ground clearance, enough to leave the asphalt roads without much stone or gain some ability to pass when there is a lot of snow.

Volvo V40 Cross Country / XC70: from snowy Sweden

Volvo V40 Cross CountryIn the Swedish range there is room for both models SUV (XC60 and XC90) as crossover, with a double supply of both formats. He XC70 It is developed on the family V70, taking platform the great S80 saloon. It is definitely a very advanced model within itself Volvo range, rival of Audi A6 allroad, but it does not have air suspension. Thus waiving a little specialization A6, but not the versatility Using this type of car. high suspension, protected body, high profile tires and wheel drive make an excellent dynamic basis, endorsed by the calidad overall model and a spacious and versatile interior. At V40 Cross Country more design and fashion, but also a high and protected body, specific tires and a wheel drive type Haldex only the most potent variants (T4 and T5). Still, it seems a sports crossover designed to snowy and slippery asphalts and less suited to tread very broken tracks.

León X-perience Seat / Skoda Scout / VW Golf Alltrack: Industrial synergy

X-perience Seat LeonIn a few generations Skoda saw his Octavia Combi the ideal model to propose a crossover almost unique in the market, applying the recipe in a compact family model. Today the same formula have applied Seat and Volkswagen in the familiar versions of its Leon and Golf respectively. Three mechanical clones taking advantage of higher suspensions, with the lower body protected perimeter, wider tires profile, attachments "off road" without any limitation on transmission, all and all mechanical versions feature AWD type Haldex. He León X-perience takes over the Altea Freetrack, the premiere of Seat at world crossover at that time on a minivan Y Volkswagen comprehensive proposal crossover behind the Passat Alltrack, nothing to do with previous substitutes called cross-country which he developed on the Polo and Golf Plus.

Citroën C5 Tourer Cross / Opel Insignia Country Tourer / Peugeot 508 RXH: arrive generalists.

Citroen C5 Tourer CrossThere are many brands that also in one way or another been proposed crossover from facade, ornate patterns with colorful body reinforcements and little else to keep the train of fashion, but in the case of Citroën C5 Tourer Cross, Opel Insignia Country Tourer and Peugeot 508 RXH, different mechanical configurations itself justify them as crossover. Perhaps the last to arrive, the C5, that assertion is questionable In the absence of all-wheel drive, but on the other hand, you can always have the interesting hydropneumatic brand, with four height levels and two tared. No doubt the specifications of a SUV or crossover before it featured a four-wheel drive a variable suspension height, but also the Cross C5 Tourer It could pass for ground clearance (you can upload your body 6 centimeters up to 10 km / h) Where one 4x4 fixed height hit. He too Peugeot 508 RXH results in a crossover somewhat atypical, although in his case because it is a hybrid model (2015 becoming a conventional diesel version). He 508 RXH uses his electric motor to move the rear axle and this is how it becomes 4x4, although only up to 120 km / h. As well rises and protects the body and adopts tires to be surprised by their ability to advance in the field and snow. Complete and balanced is the Opel Insignia Country Tourer, a novel variant in Insignia range what increases 20 mm height suspensions thereof and adopts a AWD type Haldex. is not without protection and that attractive body adventurous image They reflect virtually all crossover From the market.