What are the brands of cars with better finishes?

Classification of brands with the best finishesClassification of brands with the best finishesClassification of brands with the best finishesClassification of brands with the best finishes

This year Mercedes He has shone with his own star in terms of finishes in our awards Best Cars 2016. In the total count of responses, the German brand ranks first with 58 percent of the results and 7 points of its immediate follower, Audi, meaning good finish those models with precise franchises among its body panels, good shots , quality materials and good vibration settings, among many other features. Last year, Mercedes also won the victory as a better finish, with 57 percent of the results. Review our Spanish readers, collides with the outcome in other countries like Germany, France and Italy, where Audi is the champion.

The verdict of drivers own brand takes on this criterion particularly important because it is the user who issues a value on your own car. In this case, Mercedes is also placed in the top of our ranking, overtaking on this occasion that Audi took first place in the survey of 2015. Note that the general gain strength among the drivers themselves. Mazda, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Renault and Hyundai are interesting percentages, guarantee that its users are happy with their car in terms of finishes.

The users with new car less than three years, they prefer German marks, though Lexus enters an honorable fifth place to break the German hegemony. Users with car more than three years, agree taste even banish the classification Citroen and Ford, and introduce Mazda and Toyota.

Women go beyond the Premium

Men and women give the vote of confidence also Mercedes ... but with differences. While They are betting men to death for the German trident (Mercedes, Audi, BMW), followed at a considerable distance from Lexus, Porsche and Jaguar; the women give less punctuation marks Premium and admit willingly in their ranking manufacturers like Mazda and Peugeot. In the case of Ford, like most good finish in men than women.

With respect to age, young people under 29 years again become protagonist of the story to Mercedes, Audi and BMW, though contemplate other options, such as Korean Kia. As for the less young drivers, Mercedes grows in points, but also significantly increases Audi.

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