ITV will control electronics and car emissions

ITV will control electronics and car emissions

Within a year, in May 2017, the regulations commits all member states to include in their new centers ITV will be published control methods different car electronics, including emission control OBD (On Board Diagnostic - Diagnosis on board), in order to reduce emission levels produced by motor vehicles. One year later, in May 2018, all ITV centers in Europe should have started and apply the new rules.

Thus, since May 2018, and they will be included in the methods of inspection of ITV of Spain a series of checks of the electronic elements of the car (ABS, Airbag, ESP ...). For now they are not defined all electronic components to be monitored, because the legislation is currently under development. This will be defined in May 2017 and during the following year, until May 2018, ITV must accommodate all centers with the necessary equipment and train staff.

ITV can access the ECUs cars to thereby be able to control and verify accurately any failure of the vehicle and catalog, once revised, mild or serious defect, as is currently being done with the rest of the items checked car passing through inspection mandatory technical.

"Our concern is ensure sure that what you wear on the vehicle is reliable", Says Luis Rivas, general secretary of AECA-ITV, the management of stations roadworthiness in Spain. "Check that vehicles comply with the provisions of the regulations on emission control, braking ...".

We will have to check if the new control requirements would have sufficed for prevent fraud as the Volkswagen scandal, or Dieselgate- emissions. The truth will be difficult to avoid misleading if a manufacturer really wants to. In this case manufacturers have deceived approval centers and not to ITV. If the unit is still smart, it will emit little and give a different reality also in ITV centers figures. Brands misled the legal software and one of the issues that ITV will look with the new rules is those loopholes of some prey are not so affordable. ITV should be fast, efficient and cheap and not a laboratory. With the new rules on control electronics in the ITV mentalities and deceptions will be changed. Rather than avoid evil, the important thing is to remove the desire to do so.

OBD checks will be complementary to traditional tests performed on ITV. The procedure for verifying emissions of exhaust gases will be as before, but inspection to the vehicle control is added.

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