Diesel cars in the crosshairs of Finance

Diesel cars in the crosshairs of Finance

vehicles Diesel can be one of the big losers If the new state budgets are approved, since everything indicates that the tax burden on them will rise.

The modification of certain types relating to excise duties It would be one of the fundamental premises of the new government for maintaining public deficit below 3.7 percent for this exercise (and 3.1 percent for 2017), As required by the European Commission.

The Ministry of Finance, in fact, preparing a imminent increase in taxes special that apply to alcohol and snuff. This type of taxes also affect oil consumption although this case the Ministry of Cristóbal Montoro You could place greater emphasis on diesel tax.

Yet this scenario, it seems more likely that sales of diesel vehicles could continue to fall. The latest registration figures They are already well below the 60 percent level -point which did not fall for any month of 2015. That extra tax burden on these cars It is justified for the most polluting nature -fundamentally, NOx (nitrogen oxides) and particulate matter than other fuels such as gasoline.

The formula for this increase It would be based on the modification of VRT, applying the levy and not only because of CO2 they emit, but also other highly polluting emissions such as NOx.

In any case, everything seems to indicate that, following approval of the new general state budget, Diesel cars will be more expensive. And even it could also be the fuel they use.