Hire the best games in history

Car games: these are the bestCar games: these are the bestCar games: these are the bestCar games: these are the best

It is not easy to select the best car games the whole story and that not so long ago that hit the market the first titles of these features. We will collect some of the most marked today called the 'gamers' or 'e-gamers', regardless of whether they arose in console or PC.

Pole Position (1982)

It is unthinkable not to mention 'pole Position'When we talk about video games hire. And, although it was not the first out, yes that marked a before and after in terms of car perspective, use of a real circuit, publicity during the course and lap times. Console where you could play this videjuego at Atari, which was revolutionary in terms of graphics and gameplay for years running. Today, only the most nostalgic appreciate what's playing 'Pole Position'.

Run Out (1986)

out Run

Pulling topics'out Run'SEGA offered you drive a brand Ferrari Testarossa convertible, with consequent beautiful blonde sitting in the passenger seat. You had to try to be the fastest while esquivabas all types of vehicles and obstacles that you found along roads, mountain, desert or beach as scenery to enjoy high speed. The coin spent some playing in arcades in his neighborhood.

F-Zero (1990)

In the 90 'with those lucky ones who could release a Super Nintendo, They came titles like 'F-Zero'Which is not a video game car as such, but they were racing vehicles, some reminiscent of the futuristic Stars Wars- pods floating on the track and moved by complicated circuits in which the effect of simulated 3D depth.

Five years later he came 'Wipeout'(1995), with a concept simulate but with a marked improvement in terms of graphics and gameplay. And running time of the first PlayStation, with 3D graphics and quality leap was more than logical.

Super Off Road (1991)

Super Off Road

With a kind of play something other than what we were and are used, they reached the market a number of securities in which more detail and visual quality, highlighting the fun and multiplayer options. What began with a video game arcade car, stretched 16-bit consoles type Megadrive or NES, with options up to 4 players to participate in the same race, which was not difficult to lose control or turn the key toward the corresponding opposite side. What a good times…

Super Mario Kart (1992)

Among conventional racing cars and as many kinds GTA, came the novel concept of Super Mario Kart Hand Nintendo. Unlike the previous one, in this video game options multiplayer resorted to a split screen in up to four mini screens. Simple operation and the ability to shoot many objects your enemies have made them few who continue playing this or other titles that continue to emerge with similar characteristics.

World Rally Championship Carlos Sainz (1993)

Another video game arcade car that came to market in the early 90s' was World Rally Championship Carlos Sainz, a title in which the undisputed star was the Spanish rider driving his Toyota Celica. Simulation had little, but the ease with which one could skidding and feel 'meat' pilot made the endless queues could be made in the arcades.

By 1995, SEGA He came with Sega Rally Championship, with graphics that had nothing to do with the aforementioned and improved the world of simulation. Many remember this game with a seat and a steering wheel in arcades. The possibilities for derrapar and how to control the car gave him a very appealing for those who enjoyed any video game that could get to feel the speed touch.

Need For Speed ​​(1995-2015)

The game series'Need For Speed'Endures to this day and even made a movie-style of'At full throttle', But its origin takes us to 1995, when he left the first of these driving games with a high level of graphics and extreme gameplay in which street races and police chases rose the adrenaline of those who enjoyed skipping traffic laws for a few minutes or a few hours, virtually speaking. The sound engine cars, many of them high performance and brands such as Lamborghini or Ferrari, He fed the dreams and the search for new sensations younger. also agreed in their securities following the rise of changes in cars and tuning, can convert a standard car practically a race car. While we came to what some have a bit of 'nitrous' to arrive first at the end of the next bend.

Carmageddon (1997)


A question and violent video game car came to market in 1997. In this game, the goals were to finish the race, car wreck rivals and score points running over pedestrians. Harsh criticism of the game, against all odds, led him to spearhead the sales charts. And we all wanted to have the title that came to be censured in some countries, where instead of people, we found what looked like zombies with green blood. This game was based on the film 'Death Race 2000'.

Gran Turismo (1997-2017)

Racing saga 'Gran Turismo'It is one of the best rated among video game lovers car. And it is that Sony gave the key to a game approaching more to simulation than the rest of the competition. It is so popular that 20 years later it will launch its new title Playstation 4, to be called GT Sport and that we could already prove in the international presentation in London.

Under the motto "The Real Driving Simulator'Gran Turismo was able to offer a catalog of 180 cars that recreated quite well the real (for what was at the time), in addition to a dozen real circuits.

No doubt that is one of the best games of cars in history and still has some way to go.

Crazy Taxi (1999)

Another game of SEGA and you could buy for the Dreamcast console was'Crazy Taxi', Although many would better playing recreation with a cabin with pedals, seat and steering wheel that simulated a taxi. The goal was to bring our client as quickly as possible to your destination. It was really crazy get around infected cities traffic and people, but caught the attention of many for the originality of the concept of play.

Colin McRae Rally (2000)

Collin McRae Rally

What in his day was'Collin McRae'And today we know as'Dirt Rally'She was sold with the claim of the sadly deceased racing driver, driving the incredible Subaru Impreza with which he faced Carlos Sainz our pilot. realistic landscapes and a fairly accomplished driving when launched on PlayStation, allowed many 'e-gamers' of the time to dive into the world of rallying.

Burnout (2001-2008)

If at the beginning of XXI century all thought of racing games in which rewarded make the fastest lap or win a race in 'Burnout'They thought they earn points for hitting and smashing the car could be a revolutionary idea. And they were right, because sales of its title gave them reason. The possibility of destroying the car and the level of detail seen in this video game were a past and improved over time with the arrival in 2008 of 'Burnout Paradise', Available on Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Those who have ever played, you know that no waste and it deserves a place in this report.

Forza Motorsport (2005-2015)

If 'Gran Turismo' was born from the hand of Sony for PlayStation and, in microsoft They sought a worthy rival and the size of the previous for sorporte Xbox, under the name 'Forza Motorsport'A saga that is joined by another parallel title,'Forza Horizon'. The latter is held in street racing in open world, ie more type 'Need For Speed', while naming Motorsport is racing type and similar to 'Gran Turismo'.

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