Peugeot Connect Apps, the most useful and safe apps in your car

Peugeot Connect Apps, the most useful and safe apps in your car

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No need to have the latest 4G-LTE technology (Long Term Evolution) in a smartphone or any other mobile device to enjoy the more useful, secure and entertaining applications in your car, as Peugeot and comprehensive application service Peugeot Connect Apps It includes a wide availability of apps with 3G technology to enjoy While traveling in car.

The service Peugeot Connect Apps It is available for cars Peugeot 208, 2008, 308 and 508 equipped with touch screen Y browser at a price of 385 euros, VAT included. This fee includes a year of service connection and Peugeot Connect USB 3G key.

Peugeot Connect Apps It offers a set of connected applications, specially designed for facilitate your travel in real time, that is, at the same time while you are driving in order to make your driving experience rewarding. For security reasons, some of the applications that are included as well other features are only available or active when the car is stationary.

Peugeot Connect Apps

Between the Featured applications Peugeot Connect Apps, include the following:

- Coyote: can anticipate the road and know in advance an alert situation on the route. You will receive audio and visual warnings in real time approaching a danger or risk zone: Notification of fixed and mobile radars traffic lights, accidents, traffic jams works ...
- Parking: It tells you the available places to park in areas close to your location.
- Michelin Guide and Trip Advisor: inform you about the restaurants and hotels near your route or your place of destination particularly suitable for the assessment and the experience of many other users and travelers.
- Fuel: indicates the service stations nearby that offer the lowest to refuel or make a break prices.
- Michelin Travel: helps you discover some of the most beautiful tourist places, whether cities, historic buildings or natural corners.
- Michelin Traffic: you avoid jams informing about the status of real-time traffic and alternative routes proponiéndote
- Via Michelin: guide you to your destination with the best route to use time and expense estimated fuel.
- TellMeWhere: helps you find the best options for the community to meet the most recommended to exit.
- MyPeugeot: It tells you everything about your car and technical maintenance.
- Weather: Known whether it will rain, snow, sun ... to the place of your destination or the next weekend you have plans to travel.
- Store: a portal where you can download new applications.