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What are electric cars with more autonomy market?What are electric cars with more autonomy market?What are electric cars with more autonomy market?What are electric cars with more autonomy market?

Hyundai says autonomy is not the only factor to consider when comparing an electric vehicle, and rightly so. Still, for now, the distance you can travel on a single charge of the batteries of an electric remains an important fact, perhaps the most important. It is the first thing that the general public thinks to an electric vehicle, and also the most influential factor in the decision of buying one of these cars.

We have searched the ten electric cars with more autonomy than those sold in Spain. There are many more factors we recommend to consider before buying an electric, but autonomy is a good starting point.

1. Tesla Model S 2017, 542 kilometers

Will compare them with those who compare them, the Tesla will be carried palm in terms of autonomy. Either option you choose as to allow the batteries Model S reaching a single charge farther than any other electric vehicle (With permission of his elder brother, the Model X, of course), at least today.

2. Tesla Model X 2017, 383-465 kilometers

We have not listed the 60D versions Model X and Model S that are not already on the market (In the first case) or are about to be removed (in the second case). The good thing for Tesla is that, by eliminating these models less autonomy, increases their advantage over the competition.

3. Renault Zoe, 400km

Hit the market last October, their 400 km of autonomy announced according to the NEDC test cycle (expected to amount to about 300 real kilometers) exceeds 160 kilometers to its predecessor, which homologaba 240. This also without an iota increased weight or size of batteries, thanks to the good work of LG Chem.

BMW i34. BMW i3, 300km

The first electric German firm recently received a new 33 kWh battery that gave him a official range of 300 kilometers. An increase that is not exclusive to the new i3: the owners of the old model that will replace the new battery if they wish.

5. Volkswagen e-Golf, 300 kilometers

Tied for the BMW i3 autonomy, it is also the result of improvements to the previous model. In this case autonomy increases 50 percent with a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 35.8 kWh -compared to 24.2 kWh-earlier. It has also improved its loading time, which can now be performed entirely in six hours plugging it into any electrical outlet. And in half an hour You can charge the battery up to 80 percent if available fast charge.

6. Hyundai Ioniq 2017, 280km

280 kilometers is not the most spectacular for an electric figure in 2017, but it is worth noting one aspect of Ioniq EV: 16 kWh per 100 kilometers. This It is the lowest figure in a pure electric, and this unit of measurement will become increasingly important with the passing of the years. After all, no one cares today autonomy combustion car, right? We have the refueling infrastructure necessary for our cars do not have to squeeze the maximum deposit before arriving at a gas station. The number that we care about in terms of fuel efficiency is liters per 100 km. And this is also what will happen with electric: the fact that we end up interesting is the number of kilowatt hours you need to travel 100 km. And here now Hyundai wins.

7. Nissan Leaf, 250 kilometers

Since January 2016 the new Nissan Leaf offers range of 250 kilometers. With a load of his new 30 kWh battery, It is capable of traveling 50 kilometers more than before. The update has not been an increase in the size of the battery, although its weight: 21 kg exactly.

8. Citroen e-Mehari, 240km

Mehari veteran returned 48 years later in electrical format. Their 240 km of autonomy have served to the authorities of the island of Formentera (their natural habitat) have purchased a fleet of vehicles to transport these personalities visiting the island. However, it is a car small-scale production His production volume will not exceed 1,000 units annually throughout Europe and is intended primarily for rental fleets, hotels, resorts, etc.

Kia Soul EV9. Kia Soul EV, 200km

Its lithium polymer lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 27 kWh, give it a range of more than 200km. And to optimize maximum energy, the car includes a screen in the center console is giving us tips for more efficient driving, even schedule the times when we want to charge the batteries and recharge closest points.

10. Mercedes B 250e, 200 kilometers

The electric version of the Mercedes Class B can go 200 kilometers on a single charge your battery with a capacity of 28 kWh. Although this range leaves you in the last positions of the 'top 10', it is fair to remember that this car achieves a not inconsiderable power of 180 hp.

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