Ten questions to ask before buying a used car

Ten questions to ask before buying a used car

The first thing you should be clear is what type of vehicle need, how characteristics, in which state and that quantity you're willing to pay for it. Once defined these preliminary considerations, you can choose to buy the car to a private party or a dealer, but regardless of who the seller, the obligatory questions will be about the same.

1. How many years and how many kilometers is the car?
The best time to buy a car is when it has between two and five years, and still not have excessive mileage and general condition is acceptable. As soon as the kilometers, the annual average usually provided a vehicle is placed between 15,000 and 20,000. With this data, you can make a more or less adjusted score if the figure is too high or suspiciously low idea.
If you choose to make the purchase at a dealership, you should know that besides the cars, there are other options:
- preowned car: Almost always come from fleets leasing, from Business, from rental, etc. these companies They replace them with less than two years, so they usually have few kilometers.
- High-end car: are the most luxurious and powerful models of different brands. his origin in the secondary market is usually the import and domestic fleets and individuals.
- Kilometer 0:the dealer, for various reasons, enrolled these vehicles before taking them out for sale and your mileage is very low.
- executive car: have been used by salespeople or managers of dealerships, or executives of any company. They usually have very little time and they may be included under the name "preowned" or "high end".

2. What condition are you in?
This is undoubtedly one of the most important questions to ask, because the good condition of a vehicle encompasses many factors: Paint and, the tires, the operation of mechanics, the electrical elements and the inside, among others.
The exterior is easier to assess, but do not neglect to carefully review state of the sheet, checking no dents nor is rusty; from the painting, paying attention not only to the possible scratches, but to You have flakes, quartered or if the tone is different from the original. As for the tires, the tread should not be worn in excess -HA have a depth greater than 1.6 mm- Y Gum does not have to submit cuts or deformation.
Of the electrical elements you should check that all the lights work correctly and the ventilation, he air conditioner, the Heated rear window, the electric windows, etc,
Check out the inside and examines the state of the upholstery, the plastic, the coatings… He steering wheel, gearshift and clutch are elements They can help you know use who has had the car.
Regarding the functioning of mechanics, it is important to know if the vehicle It has been usually kept in garage or has "asleep" outdoors. logically, the state of the car will not be the same if you have had to endure low temperatures and frost Winter and the heat of the summer. But to be more sure that everything works properly, we recommend that, unless you're an expert, acudas with a person who is knowledgeable in the field to be responsible for checking everything related to mechanics.

3. Have you had an accident or breakdown of importance?
Sometimes, A glance at the body Car we can say whether it has been repaired as a result of an accident, but sometimes these signs are not noticeable to the naked eye, and, especially when the fault has been of domestic origin, is almost impossible to detect. Therefore, we must Ask the seller, -very politely and tactfully, yes, that is not moleste- if the car has had any serious problem what we should consider. Of course, there is the possibility that lie to us, but later discovered that if there was a major breakdown and decided to claim the seller may not hide behind not ask.

4. What sort of route done?
We are interested in if displacement Vehicle usual They have been short or long, if they have mostly done by road or city and if the vehicle has been stuck in traffic jams very often. In the short trips or city we work harder the engine and consequently may deteriorate faster. But also suffer the brakes, change, starter and the tires, among others.

5. Can I try it?
Ask if you can try it and if the seller is the owner, Let me take him first; so you can get an idea of conductive type that has By car: if the engine demands a lot, if you make changes quickly and if your driving, trying to conceal vehicle problems. After, Sit behind the wheel and a small beam path for have your own feelings.

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