Mitsubishi ASX: History trip to Merida (VIDEO)

Route with Mitsubishi ASX: Festival Theater in MéridaRoute with Mitsubishi ASX: Festival Theater in MéridaRoute with Mitsubishi ASX: Festival Theater in MéridaRoute with Mitsubishi ASX: Festival Theater in Mérida

350km go far, and not just to learn the secrets of a route from this distance, but also to meet our traveling companion, the Mitsubishi ASX. Not too long journey ... but enough to make several stops along the way and enjoy the points of interest it can offer, as in our case, the A-5 and our destination: Merida.

It is in this sort of route where we get most out of the qualities of our Mitsubishi ASX. We have the 220 DI-D version and the Kaiteki finish, he top end Japanese SUV in its mechanical variant turbodiesel four cylinder 150 hp. Associated with a automatic torque converter six-speed, this has ASX AWD connectable: A touch of a button, we can choose whether to drive with front wheel drive with 4x4 available in certain situations or always have momentum on all four wheels thanks to center differential lock.

Mitsubishi ASX in Merida

In normal situations, front-wheel drive It is the best ally to move road and get the best consumption, which in our motorway to Merida route cruising the ASX Mitsubishi He rolled below 8 liters per 100 kilometers. For roads away from the asphalt, four-wheel drive system, with his mixed tires, They appeared very effective and fantastic traction capability, as few in the increasingly "populated" SUV segment.

He Mitsubishi ASX It is, therefore, one of the most robust and versatile character more bets among its rivals. Aesthetically it has been updated this year. Inside, it is proving to be a spacious cabin with a comfortable driving position and yet very close at hand. In this finish top end we also have heated leather seats feature seven-inch touch screen, browser, cruise control, rear view camera and technological developments. He solar roof, It also provides more light to the interior; the trunk, meanwhile, recorded 460 liter capacity in the segment average.

Mitsubishi ASX in Merida

Route with Mitsubishi ASX: towards Merida

Few expressways offer, in such a compact area, scenery and monuments as varied as the road between Spain and the neighboring country, Portugal. In Merida we expected International Classical Theater Festival, one of the cultural events marked in red on the calendar of the Performing Arts of our country.

The route to the capital of Extremadura goes a long way: many towns crowned by castles and historic monuments let themselves be seen from the same road. Maqueda, Talavera de la Reina, Torralba de Oropesa, Lagartera, Trujillo, Navalmoral de la Mata... And so until we reach our destination, a city steeped in history. The Roman footprint in Emerita Augusta it remains to this day, something reflected in places like the Forum, the Roman bridge over the Guadiana River, the amphitheater, the aqueduct, the Teatro ...

The latter hosted a total of eight plays, including "Caligula", "Seneca", "The Beautiful Helen" or "Comedy of lies" were during the months of July and August. A annual meeting in an incomparable setting, adapted to modern times without losing the historical aura that give the columns and structures of the stage.

Teatro de Mérida

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