Porsche 911 996 second-hand: from 15,000 euros!

Porsche 911 996 second-hand: from 15,000 euros!

The arrival of generation 996 the Porsche 911 was a radical change for this legendary sports car. 996 did not share one piece with its predecessor the 993, but the 996 itself It had a lot to do with the newborn Boxster, not surprisingly 40 percent of the parts used in both are identical and the proof is also in the same were assembled assembly.

He Porsche 911 996 increased nothing less than 78 mm wheelbase with respect to its predecessor, 185 mm length and 130 mm width and 5 mm height. Outwardly he kept the essence 996 911, but lost charm was less muscular and the design of the headlights also finished convincing.

996 kept the motor six-cylinder boxer, but now liquid cooled, while the maximum power increased from 285 to 300 hp 320 hp reaching S version. The gearbox six-speed was redesigned, like the Tiptronic automatic five.

Porsche 911 996The monocoque chassis 996 was 50 percent stiffer, while the weight decreased by 4 percent. The new suspensions and wheelbase allowed the 996 one behavior much more effective than the 993, as well easier and affordable, while ride comfort won many integers. Also it had electronic traction control to make your driving safer.

Produced between 1998 and 2004, currently 911 996 can be found in the flea market about truly tempting prices. 964 993 and its predecessors air motor have fired their price but for now, the 996 is underrated in the second hand market. And it is that aesthetically is the least graceful model of the saga; also keep in mind that the engine has enough headaches, Fortunately it is not too common among sports Stuttgart.

The Prices in the secondary market of 996 are very attractive, can be found units for approximately 15,000 € in apparent good, but it is better to put together 20 or € 25,000 to qualify for more modern and less car kilometers. The S and 4S versions cost more expensive, around 30,000 or 35,000 €, while the automatic transmission instead of being a plus, is a handicap. Much more valued are the GT2 and GT3, Turbo also because these curiously engine is much more reliable; the price of Turbo around 60,000 €, while GT2 and GT3 can overcome 90,000 €.

When buying should keep in mind that 996 engines have a design problem and eventually bearing Camshaft IMS ends up breaking and when this happens, the engine is destroyed. Curiously, this problem does not arise in GT2, GT3 and Turbo versions.

Porsche 911 996Fortunately It is possible to prevent breakage the motor changing the bearing IMS on time. You can remount the original, although the market there are other solutions that seem more reliable as the kit developed by Insaro, but it should be noted that the change of bearing can cost around 3,000 €.

If one opts for a unit with automatic Tiptronic, it is recommended to change the oil in the automatic transmission every 50,000 km to avoid damage.

Moreover, it is a car built with quality materials that, in general, age well. The interior, upholstery and other trim, just degrade in cars with many kilometers.