Summer fines: driving shirtless, barefoot, in sandals …

Summer fines: driving shirtless, barefoot, in sandals ...

It came as the summer and, for many, the holidays. With them, relaxation, long road trips, the heat that we live long, stays on the beach, short distances to the apartment or the pool ... In short, what we have dreamed all year. Because, to a fine not embitter you the much deserved vacation, Today we again emphasize a usual collection practices at this time of year are subject to punishment... although most of the drivers are ignorant. Many of these customs so ingrained is true that, to be considered infringement, must be motivated. And some of them even are certainly subjective, depending on the specific item you want to apply a sanction agent. But many occur in summer and with the law in hand, we will notify you that may be subject to punishment. Not then say in September not warn you before ...

Driving barefoot or in flip flops

Who does not lead to the beach or pool in flip flops? Even we know many drivers who prefer do barefoot, because they find it less uncomfortable. Well, you should know that it can be subject to punishment. Specifically, 80 euros (40 if prompt payment). Although they are not classified as such in the Highway Code, the DGT considers that Article 17.1 ( "Drivers must at all times be able to control their vehicles ...") and 18.1 ( "The driver of a vehicle must maintain their own freedom of movement) can motivate the sanction to be able to interfere with the vehicle control. Go barefoot, flip flops or heels may qualify for this offense. We certainly not recommend driving as well.

Driving shirtless

An article yesterday Carriers Forum was revealed, and is absolutely unknown to most drivers. According to regulations of the DGT, driving without a shirt could be cause for punishment to be able to become cause burns or grazes in the event of an accident in the performance of seatbelt or an airbag. The penalty in such cases must be substantiated and argued risk, but could even be subject to punishment if apeople consider uncomfortable driving through contact with the seat, undermining the ability of movements already mentioned in previous articles: the same to go barefoot or in flip flops. It could also be grounds also sanction if the agent believes that You can reach distract the other vehicles and increase the risk of accident. We imagine that especially in the case of women drivers. The sanction it. In principle 80 euros.

Eating or drinking behind the wheel

We're going on vacation and, in many cases, long commutes by car. It is most common cool, drink, eat something to better cope with the journey... But you must know that it can be subject to punishment. A simple sandwich or drinking water are also practices that are grouped within the obligation Driver maintain their own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, to ensure their own safety, that of other occupants of the vehicle and that of other road users. They are distractions and are punishable by fine mild up to 100 euros, without deduction of points.

Circular with arm or elbow out the window

In hot weather, you open the window and get that habit as Spanish: pull the arm out the window and support within the framework. This sanction is perhaps best known, but should remember it. And it can be very expensive: in particular, another 80 euros.

Pulling a cigarette out the window

With this sanction, we can not agree more ... especially at a time of year where it is potential cause of fire. But it is true that many drivers can become standard practice without being aware of the risks. Why we remember. Now that is more common out the open window, it is also more common to drop the cigarette out. In this case the law says "throw track or nearby objects that can cause fires, traffic accidents or hinder the free movement" is prohibited. And the fine imposed you are, here and yes,4 points and 200 euros.

Do not carry driving license

It is also common in summer than in those little trips to the beach or pool, go to the essentials. Swimsuit, towel, mobile ... and little else. Do not neglect. If a agent asks us permission to drive and do not carry over, although we have it in order, We impose a fine of 10 euros. Should take, but I have not properly renewed, the penalty and up to 200 euros. Very attentive.

Flowing with dirty registration

You go to the beach or the mountains, you get a little sand or earth and you lose your. The registration of your car just dirty. Well attention because it may also be subject to punishment. If you see an officer of the Civil Guard or the competent authority corresponding traffic, you have many chances to be fined a penalty of 200 euros. It is what provides the Paragraph 4 of Article 65 of the Road Safety Act.

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