All electric and hybrid plug: Buying Guide

All plug-in electric and hybrid cars marketAll plug-in electric and hybrid cars marketAll plug-in electric and hybrid cars marketAll plug-in electric and hybrid cars market

Competition is already one on one. The plug-in hybrid cars and Pure Electric offer products increasingly interesting day, and at the level of behavior, autonomy and even price. To have an electric car today has its advantages. For example, be exempt from paying parking regulated: They can park for free in the green and blue squares Area Regulated Parking Service (SER) without temporal limitation. Yes, always with distinctive SER that credits as "zero emission vehicle". As well can circulate the HOV lane single occupancy in the vehicle and the distinctive zero emissions vehicle visible. They are also exempt from paying registration tax, while in road tax they have a bonus of 75 percent. And soon you'll Circular with them most limited traffic areas rolled to not emit polluting gases, also during different fantipollution aces protocols. In Madrid, for example.

The pluggable electric and hybrid cars also now they have incentives for buying. The amount of aid under the Plan Movea depends on the electric range of the vehicle: 2,700 € exclusively for those with no electric range over 40 km and not less than 15 km; 3.700 € for those with an autonomy greater than 40 km and not exceeding 90 km; Y 5,500 € for vehicles more than 90 km electric range. If after knowing all the benefits you would qualify for a plug-in electric or hybrid car, we show the best you'll find today in the market and you can see in photos.

Up to 30,000 euros

Volkswagen e-Up

He first electric vehicle Volkswagen, the e-Up is a favorite enter electric cars because of their small size and better performance: Up to 160 kilometers of electric range it offers with its 82 hp total power.

positive: Good space, comfortable seating, nimble handling, many gaps, balanced suspension and a good range.

negativeYour price for a small car and a limited space for legs.

VW e-UpNissan Leaf

From the Spring 2012 Nissan offers Leaf, purely electric. In length 4.45 meters, It provides up to five people and is equipped with batteries of 24 or 30 kWh.

positive: A compact model with good space and trunk large enough (355 liters). It reaches a range of 200 kilometers.

negative: The quality of some materials and an average braking power.


He Renault Zoe It is a utilitarian four-seater, with a autonomy of 210 kilometers and a new variant R240, with a smaller but equally powerful engine (88 hp) increases reach over 30 kilometers.

positiveWe have come to achieve 264 km with a single recharge, nonstop and very particular conditions, but there are.

negativeThey rely on -Camaleón- charger station and a special burden, because not plugged into the home network in any conventional plug.

Up to 40,000 euros

Kia Soul EV

He Kia's first electric car based on the Soul. The engine produces 111 hp, for one autonomy of 212 kilometers and 145 km / h top speed.

positive: Quiet and comfortable with a very well used and has extensive interior equipment.

negative: With the battery located on the floor, it offers a load capacity of 281 liters.

Kia Soul EVVolkswagen

A Volkswagen Golf in all its meaning and one of the more attractive electric for its operation. It offers a range of 190km and a power equivalent to 115 hp.

positive: Rolling amazing quality and maximum technology. It has two driving modes and four to regulate the regenerative braking.

negative: Compared to other electric cars, it has a high purchase price and only two year warranty.

Volkswagen Golf GTE

He Volkswagen Golf It is not only available as one hundred percent electric model, also as a hybrid plug GTE up to a speed of 130 km / h or 50 kilometers purely electric range. It has a combined output of 204 hp.

positive: Agile handling and good acceleration capability.

negative: Little headroom in the rear seats and a purchase price also somewhat high.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

He Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid, he PHEV, features electric motor on each axis, front and rear, of 82 hp each, besides another 121 hp petrol. Has a electric range of 50 kilometers.

positiveVery good space and extensive standard equipment.

negative: Touch steering and suspension comfort.

Up to 60,000 euros

Mercedes C 350 and

After Class S, is already available is a Mercedes C-class hybrid plug with an engine petrol 211 hp and 82 horses electric power with a autonomy of 31 kilometers.

positive: Refined, elegant, sporty, comfortable and with low power consumption.

negativeNo sound harmony four-cylinder, high purchase price and an autonomy that could be higher.

350e Mercedes CVolkswagen Passat GTE

The very concept of plug-in hybrid Golf, but now moved to VW Passat, but with a more powerful engine and electric range that rises to 50 kilometers. It has a combined capacity of 218 hp.

positive: A large plug-in hybrid, with very good quality.

negative: High purchase price, the trunk lost almost 200 liter compared to petrol VW Passat.

Up to 80,000 euros

V60 D6 Plug-in Hybrid

He V60 D6 Plug-in Hybrid It offers an unusual combination of a Diesel engine with another electric in this hybrid plug. Good sprinter, but with a trunk reduced to 126 liters and a high purchase price.

positive: Diesel savings in highway driving, 50 kilometers of pure electric range and a good overall performance.

negative: Artificial brake, five-cylinder Diesel engine and high price.

Mercedes GLE 500 and 4Matic

He GLE Mercedes 500 E 4Matic is a competitor for the BMW X5 40e, but with a V6 engine instead of a four-cylinder, more expensive but also much stronger, with better driving performance. pure electric range at a similar level: about 30 km for this plug-in hybrid.

positive: High-class SUV, with very good handling characteristics, safety and high comfort.

negative: The battery reduces the boot 210 liter high price and limited electric range.

xDrive 40e

He BMW X5 hybrid plug It combines a gasoline engine 2.0 245 hp with an electric motor 113, to assure an combined power of 313 hp. Also available purely electric range of about 31 km.

positive: Good quality, good multimedia and integration of the battery supply, with little limitation in the trunk.

negative: Suspension and engine noise unpleasant.

Tesla Model S

saloon Luxury hundred percent electric with four different versions: 70D, S 85, S 85D and S P85D, with autonomy ranges between 442 and 502 kilometers, or rear-wheel drive and numerous assistance systems.

positive: Unique concept of high electric range, athletic performance, attractive interior and long warranty.

negative: Small network of distributors, backspace and comparatively weak heating.

Tesla Model SAbove 80,000 euros

Cayenne S E-Hybrid

The Porsche hybrid drive there for the big SUV Cayenne and saloon panamera. The electric range is reduced to 30 kilometers because of their size. It is heavier than diesel.

positive: Good performance, good space and driving dynamics.

negative: High weight, purchase price and extras very expensive.

Panamera S E-Hybrid

He Panamera S E-Hybrid is a luxury saloon with 36 kilometers from autonomy electric, very dynamic, even more challenging when carried more relaxed style and with a consumption-oriented driving.

positiveVery comfortable, agile, good brakes, direct steering and driving dynamics.

negative: Confused Interior with a board with many buttons, purchase price and expensive additional equipment.

BMW i8

He BMW i8 no doubt that it is the car of the future, plug-in hybrid suggestive and emotional in their ways to lead. Despite its futuristic look, it's almost a normal and most usable car. It has a total power of 362 hp.

Positive: A fast car, can go very fast with ease. Touch brake flawless be a hybrid.

negativeThere is not much luggage. Our unit, with normal tank 3/4 full and 9.9 l / 100 km average consumption, showed a range of 320 km.

All plug-in electric and hybrid cars market

Up to 30,000 euros

100% power autonomy

Peugeot iOn


Renault Zoe


Nissan Leaf


Citroen C-Zero


VW e-Up


Up to 40,000 euros

Kia Soul EV




BMW i3


VW e-Golf


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


BMW 225xe


Up to 60,000 euros

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron


Mercedes B 250e


BMW 330e


Volkswagen Passat GTE


350e Mercedes C


Up to 80,000 euros

Volvo V60 D6 Hybrid


BMW X5 xDrive 40e


GLE Mercedes 500 E 4Matic


Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine


More than 80,000 euros

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid


Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid


Mercedes S 500E


Tesla Model S P90D


BMW i8


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