BMW 1 Series: 5 reasons to buy it

BMW 1 Series: five reasons to buy itBMW 1 Series: five reasons to buy itBMW 1 Series: five reasons to buy itBMW 1 Series: five reasons to buy it

1 - "Dieselízate" down

Before diesel engines were not only good, but mechanical reference in most cases. Yes, except "old" 116 EDE, all were articulated on a block of 2 liters increased performance, feel and performance as Subías naming. Now things have changed, and pretty. the good, the same block 2.0 before in intermediate and above all improved, but there are two new engines oriented access, as before, drivers with thrifty mind, with the addition that remains, Now, they offer better fuel consumption and emissions figures than before.

You find them under the name 116d, and as before, BMW retains two possible variants but now using a common motor: three cylinder 1.5 116 CV, Mini inherited mechanics. Fear not, BMW has worked for the 1 Series fits well in terms of pleasure to use, sound or vibrations, this engine under its front hood. As I said, both the 3-door body and the 5, you can buy either version "normal" and named Efficient Dynamics Edition, both at the same price: 26,100 euros in the case of the 3 doors. But you have to be clear if yours is the maximum possible fuel economy or prefer a balance. Among the technical differences, there is one that affects the response of both versions in real life: developments change: 55.3 km / h in sixth development relationship 116d average spend 59.1 km / h in the EDE, so that its speed of response will be less bright. In return, the consumptions are brighter in the latter: 3.4 l / 100 km against a very good record also 3.7 l / 100 km. Another big difference, apart equipment packages is that if you want automatic switching, can ride only normal 116d.

2 -Basic on gas: better now.

BMW 1 SeriesIf before the offer plucked a 114i 102 hp, now does a 116i. The engine is completely different, as in the case of 116d, and as in the case of 116d, is also a new entry in the renewed Series 1. As those, this 116i is another three-cylinder 1.5 liter and also derivative Mini -or the i8, if you want to see as well, but here yields less than half, but with all the technology you could find in the 6th most powerful cylinders range: Twin Power turbo, direct injection, Valvetronic, Double VANOS. .. great little engine that goes very well on the Mini and does not have anything go wrong on the 1 Series if you think of as what is: A basic variant in which product quality and touch the chassis weighs more than prestacional capacity. Still, it promises to be considerably faster than the previous engine access and, above all, spend also less.

3- What breakeven ?: gasoline or Diesel?

Level go up, move on to something more complete versions, which I would recommend if you want good 1 Series knowing I'd miss not nothing, absolutely nothing, in face. Here, there is noted that the range gives a far greater leap in diesel than gasoline: 116 hp 116d would spend a 118d equipped with a 'motorazo' surprising response 150 hp and the possibility, if you want to equip even with all-wheel drive (there are only three versions in the range that support it); and the 116 hp 116i also would access the 136 hp 118i, with a totally different engine. By 26,300 euros (3-door body) to agree petrol version against the Diesel 28,300 euros, So there you have the first clue if you think medium and long term. In the daily cost, kilometer by kilometer, while recognizing that the 118i has a very low consumption (5.4 l / 100 km) and a really exquisite touch, Diesel does not detract in refinement, it has a much stronger response and spends significantly less (4.1 l / 100 km), more advantage for him the more kilometers are made in town: 7.0 l / 100 km for the 116i vs. 5.0 the 118d. Two good alternatives, both advisable for those who, besides the inherent qualities 1 Series, locate and minimum speed, I stay here with the 118d, probably the version with the best balance point of the entire range.

4 -. For their automatic changes.

BMW 1 SeriesYes, but. There are automatic transmissions and automatic transmissions. Buenos double-clutch Audi, VW or Seat, BMW remains faithful to a torque converter 8 relations that works wonders with less powerful engines where you can ride and enhances the refinement and driving pleasure of the more powerful engines that can be associated. It is infinitely more enjoyable than the change to offer Mercedes in Class A, being almost as fast as the S-tronic Audi A3, provides more smooth operation. Comes standard versions xDrive 120d xDrive and 135, and with the exception of 116i, 116d EDE and 118xDrive, you can combine any other engine range. Cuesta, yes, more expensive than other boxes boxes rivals change: 2,395 euros mounted on a 118d. Of course, this shift can boast do something more fuel to Diesel versions that use. You do not pay for themselves in life, but the driving pleasure with this transmission is immense and not sacrifice one iota of response and delivery.

5. And for their driving sensations.

Something that not only has not lost, but improved in the updated BMW 1 Series is its touch driving and, more especially, comfort and ride quality. BMW announced anything in this regard although versions already have been conducting have felt more balanced in buffer a body motion effects and filtering capacity. So if you are looking for s one of the most refined and comfortable cars category, the 1 Series is probably one of the best alternatives. Its unique propulsion category-history will change with the future completely new- generation, and going beyond the technical features of its architecture, the behavior of the BMW 1 Series is also extraordinary in all versions, especially in the most powerful in the the motor drive factor emphasizes its character.