Ateca Seat: Seat why choose this name?

Ateca Seat: Seat why choose this name?

-Why Seat has chosen the name for its first SUV Ateca?

"Seat wants to recover this SUV one of its hallmarks, as was traditionally naming our cars with names relating to Spain. Not necessarily towns or cities like Leon or Ibiza, but also with names linked to our culture and geography. The names we named our cars should be easily pronounceable in dozens of languages, not evoke negative meanings and, most importantly, that they are easily identifiable with our country and Seat".

-So far the names of Spanish cities chosen by Seat were more or less known populations, perhaps Arosa the least, but known to the end of the day ...Why now we go to a village practically nobody located on the map?

"For its beauty, its picturesque corners, the air we breathe. Ateca is a municipality located 100 km from Zaragoza, famous for its narrow streets and Moorish art. If you like family getaways, breathe fresh air or walk with your partner, Ateca captivate you. " Ateca, although not as well known as Ibiza or Leon, for example, it is a clearly representative of our country place. In fact, for our naming strategy it is not essential to use the name of a town or city and the example is the Seat Alhambra. "

-What other names have been disposed of Spanish cities to be able to name the new SUV Seat?

"They have shuffled other names elsewhere in Spain they had in common loudness and strength of Ateca. Some of these alternatives perhaps it will someday to name another future model Seat".

-What was the name originally planned before the president of Seat, Luca de Meo, decided an Iberian geographical designation for this new SUV?

"For some months other names containing the sonority of T and Q, letters relating to technology and quality were considered. These names are linked to Seat motto: "Technology to enjoy." But we decided to go a step further. We seek real names, cities and municipalities of Spain and chose Ateca Seat because it evokes perfectly "Technology" and "Quality", while it is identified as a recognizably Spanish name. "

-When did you contact the people concerned and with whom to communicate the decision Seat Ateca name?

"Seat has recently contacted the local authorities in the municipality of Ateca to let them know this lucky scoop decision. No doubt you have received as very positive news, how could it be otherwise, since this provides a huge boost to the reputation of the people, not only nationally but also internationally".

-Is it a plus for a people that someone put a global product the name of his people, as with the Seat Arosa?

"Clearly Seat adopting the name of a little-known population, we give a very high reputation. Many people worldwide will be interested to know where this population is. In addition, some events often occur in the locality with the press, dealers, etc. "

-Was it mandatory that empezase by A? Did it have the sound C or K in pronunciation? Do you have something to do with the pronunciation of the name is intended to convey what the car?

"In recent years, Seat is committed to position itself as a brand that offers advanced technology and the new Seat Ateca is a magnificent example of this. Using LED technology, digital box and customizable instruments or connectivity devices, as well as the profusion of electronic elements that make the driving experience are all elements that embody this commitment to technology. Therefore, this model was thought of a name that would evoke Technology and Ateca are perfectly combines the desired sound with the fact also represent a Spanish name"