Diesel or gasoline cars: differences in maintenance

Diesel or gasoline cars: differences in maintenance

When buying a car, the engine choice is key. So far, between Diesel and gasoline walks the game, as most car sales are with this type of fuel. So what we choose, ¿Diesel or gasoline? Often it justifies the choice in terms of profitability, ie the difference in the selling price or the price of fuel, the time it takes to recoup the investment ... but the differences between an engine and another when servicing the vehicle must also take into account.

Beyond oil change and filters, maintenance of car covers many elements as there are many other parts subject to wear over the life of the car. Therefore, proper maintenance usually prevents costly breakdowns. So, What will be more profitable in a matter of maintenance, a diesel car or a gasoline engine? The online parts store, Endado.com, pointing us Main differences.

Choose car Diesel or gasoline: Fuel Filter

Engine overhaul must make periodically cycle every few kilometers. There are similarities between the changes made in diesel and gasoline engines, such as oil and filter, for example, but the main differences are focused on changing the fuel filter in the case of diesel cars, while gasoline engines this filter is secondary.

In diesel vehicles, the replacement Fuel Filter is very important since the fuel injection at high pressure, and injection pumps are elements of high mechanical precision, and thus generate a high cost of repair or substitution.

Thus ensuring longer life and proper functioning of these elements is necessary verifying at each change of filter no contaminants that can damage the system. You should also check each review the state of the glow plugs or heaters because they are responsible for preheating the fuel for proper engine start.

On the other hand, gasoline engines require periodic checking of the thickness between the electrodes of the spark plugs, to ensure proper spark gap, which results in proper operation of the motor. You need to check inlaid not showing oil residues or cinders, as this may result in the replacement of the entire game.

Choose car Diesel or gasoline: the timing belts

When choosing a car diesel or gasoline, on the issue of maintenance, the timing belts It is presented as one of the major faults and differences between the two types of engine. Thanks to new technologies, the lifetime of timing belts on diesel engines has been extended considerably, and it can be replaced at 200,000 km, Endado points. This is not the case of gasoline engines, where it is recommended to replace the timing belt between 120,000 and 150,000 km, depending on the manufacturer.

Choose car Diesel or gasoline: valves, exhaust gas recirculation

In the Diesel engines is very important to monitor valves exhaust gas recirculation, since this system is responsible for redirecting part of the exhaust gases back to the engine to be "re-burned" and thus remove a small portion of solid particles. Rather, these valves eventually filled with soot, due having a malfunction of the motor. It is recommended to clean these valves 100,000 km, or less if we make our tours mainly city. This does not happen with gasoline engines because they do not require special attention antipollution systems.

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