Buying Guide Second hand BMW 335i E90, from 12,000 euros

BMW 335i E90 second-hand imagesBMW 335i E90 second-hand imagesBMW 335i E90 second-hand imagesBMW 335i E90 second-hand images

He BMW 335i released late 2006 premiered one sophisticated 3.0L six cylinder inline fed by two turbochargers N54 was called internally. The latter develops 306 hp and a maximum torque of 40.81 mkg, which enabled him to obtain top performance: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds, tour the first 1,000 meter acceleration in 24.5 seconds and a top speed while the speed was limited to 250 km / h. Benefits, so the level of M3 E46 and a few tenths of his brother the M3 V8.

He BMW 335i after two years in the market, in 2009 the engine fed by two turbochargers 335i, he gave way to a new inline six identical displacement but powered by a single turbocharger and it is internally called N55. The new turbocharger was, however, Twin Scroll or dual input, allowing separating the stream into two feeding each three cylinders. The new engine as well system had Valvetronic, intelligently regulating the opening of the valves. With all this, declared the same power and torque in the N54 engine, although it is true that the engine with two turbochargers seemed more vigorous in power delivery.

The N54 engine could be associated with a manual or automatic six-speed torque converter. The N55 also offered the manual gearbox, while automatic ZF gave way to a more refined and effective DKG double clutch. In this case also offered optional all-wheel drive.

335i BMW 3 Series second-hand equipmentHe BMW 335i 306 hp is offered with all models of the BMW 3 Series body, although it is true that it was the coupe body the defendant with this type of engine.

Of the BMW 335i, inthe market cars are not enough units available. He price of the older cars, marketed in late 2006 or early 2007 can be around 12 or 14,000 €, while the most modern, of 2011 or 2012 can exceed 30,000 €, It is depending a lot of kilometers and whether the maintenance book is up to date. Those who are more interested in buying from riding the N55 engine, because it is more reliable and less prone to breakdowns. By less than 20,000 € units can be found in apparent good condition and with less than 100,000 km on the scoreboard.

Places to buy, with comes to note that the N54 engine of the first series is more delicate. The wastegate valve discharge turbo usually gives problems, so does the fuel pump high pressure, they are also prone to breakdown the injectors and turbochargers. The N55 engines are much more reliable and with proper maintenance, can overcome smoothly 250.000 km. Always dispose of units with modified electronics for more power. For its part, the manual gearbox is very rare to have faults, but the clutch has a limited life. The ZF torque converter box is more delicate; although the manufacturer does not recommend it, it is very convenient to change the oil and filter every 70,000 km to avoid damage long term. The automatic transmission DKG is very reliable and is very rare to be a cause of trouble. The dampers they have one limited life, also silent-blocks front axle. When you have to change the latter, should assemble silicone; for cushions much choice. Though he was crying, the 335i is not offered even in the limited slip differential option, but can be found in the auxiliary industry at very competitive prices. One of the most recommended is the signature Wavetrac.