Opel Astra: the attributes of the Car of the Year 2016 in Europe

Opel Astra: the reasons for the winning Car of the Year 2016Opel Astra: the reasons for the winning Car of the Year 2016Opel Astra: the reasons for the winning Car of the Year 2016Opel Astra: the reasons for the winning Car of the Year 2016

The new Opel Astra He has come up with "a prize under his arm" the most popular and hard-fought segment Europe and of Spain. Which it is the fifth generation Astra, is the fifth Opel recognized by the jury of Car of the Year Europe as the best car his fifth. Before they were Opel Kadett (1985), Opel Omega (1987), Opel Insignia (2009) and Opel Ampera (2012). Again, the value / product and innovation are key aspects related to the jury, under the criterion of Car of the Year. In this sense, the new Opel Astra He had much cattle: contributes balance own segment compact and incorporates innovative technologies higher segment.

Opel Astra: lightweight construction

The new Opel Astra is a much more balanced car that Astra previous. This led to some length lengthy 4.42 meters and weighs almost a ton and a half exaggerated. He Astra he has reduced length 5 centimeters (Still remains a generous compact with a size above the mean), but mostly It was stripped of 200 kilos weight real. True, he had an enforceable overweight correct, but optimized manufacturing engineering is also clear. Versions Astra we could verify they have become the most or the lightest segment. All this leads you receive a high product quality, also inside presentation, materials, finishes and technology. Dynamically it is a robust car, it feels soft Y light to drive, but also stable Y outright. Y very comfortable. The new Opel Astra It is a car with a quality rolling, a top product in its category. Much has been refined over the previous Opel Astra.

Good size Opel Astra It is also a guarantee of a generous interior measures. Although it surprised by the just boot capacity: 320 liters only, verified by us with spare wheel, own volume of a large utility. 100 liters are less than a "veteran" Peugeot 308 or the new Renault Mégane. Here ingenuity failed designers Opel, a load capacity not proportionate to size Astra and good family aspirations. It is also questionable his fuel tank 47 liter, 9 less than before. It should not be the solution, but has not been slow to market the familiar version: the Opel Astra Sports Tourer, with 500 liters Boot approved, great versatility and Advanced automatic gate opening Handsfree, activated by proximity. And the retrieves fuel tank 56 liters.

Opel Astra

Opel Astra engines today

And we met in the last phase of the previous trading Opel Astra the motor Diesel 1.6 CDTi, the motor Diesel most modern Opel. Today the strongest demand continues to call Diesel and Opel articulates this block 1.6 CDTI in 110, 136 and 160 hp brilliantly to cover a wide range of needs. The most important and necessary step taken by the Astra It has been refined versions Diesel: Sharpen and reduce noise and reduce vibration of its engines. The set is no reference, nor tarnishes some versions in general and enjoyable. new argument Bailing good answer Y fuel economy of the Opel Astra CDTi.

The petrol range debuts a new engine 1.4 Turbo in variants 125 and 150 hp touch, responsiveness and performance delicious. A modern engine block light aluminum, variable valve intake and exhaust direct injection. The actual urban consumption remains a major stumbling block for these agradabilísimas versions, which road are very reasonable consumption and excited by his good push motor Turbo and arrogance smooth operation. At the ends of the petrol range no response to the trend of the moment: below an astonishing 105 hp 1.0 tricilíndrico immediately nullifying any questions or pejorative judgment into a tiny 3-cylinder engine, which serves to propose a good Astra basis... and not just price, that too, with a range from 16,400 euros. Above, temperament and performance come a 1.6 Turbo 200 hp.

Opel Astra Faro

Opel Astra: another award for its technology

Logically, new Opel Astra get all the latest technology seen in the segment, a compact segment, Today, rich in all kinds of equipment. How to amortize and cheapen the most modern and cutting-edge technologies typically implemented in the automotive world upgraded models it is to move them to the lower segments. And the Astra It is a good example. Most significant are his lighthouses LED dot matrix, recognized with the award SafetyBest 2015 AUTOBEST. This technology is an evolution of the same LED headlights already seen in the category. In the case of Astra, each headlamp comprises several LEDs What are they activated independent each and every lighthouse. The goal of this technology is to always drive with the long light (From 60 km / h), to generate a wide, long and light beam. And to do not dazzle traffic that precedes us and on the contrary, headlights Led Intellilux Opel create active shadows (Turning off the relevant LED) without losing field of view.

Its modern connectivity system also proposes milestones in the segment. integrate our smartphone with Apple or Android operating system and operated from the central display of Astra our applications and other services. In addition, your system IntelliLink creates a 4G wireless network internal and provide up to 7 internet terminals.

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