Dacia Sandero, the car we bought Spanish

Dacia Sandero, the best-selling private buyersDacia Sandero, the best-selling private buyersDacia Sandero, the best-selling private buyersDacia Sandero, the best-selling private buyers

He Dacia Sandero best selling in Spain is the Dacia Sandero Stepway TCe 90, mainly in colors white and turquoise (A characteristic color Sandero Stepway version of Dacia). The base sale price to the public of Dacia Sandero is best-selling 10,730 €. Customers Dacia Sandero Stepway This usually choose as additional equipment Air and Navigation Pack -includes air conditioner, auxiliary and USB connection, radio with steering wheel, Bluetooth mobile and browser with touch screen 7 '' (Cartography of Spain and Portugal) - the spare wheel or the speed controller. The Sandero version Stepway It represents more than one 40% of sales of total sales of Dacia Sandero.

Why a Dacia Sandero people buy it?

Dacia SanderoDacia Sandero DNA contains all points that make Dacia brand with some success right now: a very good price, a level of roominess typical of the upper segments - his trunk, for a model of 4.05 meters and 4.08 meters Dacia Sandero Stepway has a capacity of 320 liters-, and one reliability / durability remarkable. A good example of this last point would be the 5 year warranty Dacia Sandero offered by this. It should be borne in mind that a Spanish change your car every 10 years on average and when buying a new one, one of the most important arguments for the customer is its durability, and Dacia cars, from their ease, from use of -fiables archiprobadas solutions and baratas-, They have earned fame robust. Security, correction, without being by far the best in terms of safety EuroNCAP. Mostly is penalized for his limited supply of elements of aid and assistance to prevent accidents.

Who buys a Dacia Sandero?

The Dacia Sandero conquest customers who used to buy other brands, and it has also managed to win market customers used cars. Its current portfolio of customers with buyers coming from other brands with the same low cost position although in recent years many generalist brands They have also joined this trend pursuing strategies very aggressive price positioning, approaching the proposal Dacia. In addition, the Dacia Sandero gets customers who thought not buy a car taking into account existing proposals in the market, and now do Dacia attracted by the offer regarding a suitable cocktail price / mobility / robustness.

What do you think who already drive a Dacia Sandero?

The level of satisfaction is Dacia Sandero surprising compared to what you would imagine in general for a trademark "low cost". This is because the low expectations which usually has a client in a vehicle "low cost". This customer is pleasantly surprised what offers its Dacia Sandero It happens the same in other models in the Dacia, Logan, Duster and Lodgy- brand. Nor should we forget that a from customers market comes second-hand vehicles, so it is able to access a new vehicle when previously could afford increases satisfaction.

Is there something more than a good price after a Dacia Sandero?

Dacia SanderoThe price is the most important factor among customers of Dacia cars, and is what mainly draws attention to the customer visiting the dealership. This factor makes a new customer approach to meet the Dacia brand, often with an idea in mind not very hopeful because of its rating "low cost". However, customers are surprised by a quality vehicle, reliable, equipped, and at an unbeatable price in the market. In the end, purchasing low cost becomes intelligent shopping, As with the Dacia Sandero.

Dacia Sandero phenomenon does the same in other countries?

Yes, but Spain is the European country where the Dacia Sandero has the highest market share. In Spain, Sandero is the market leader for individuals. Quite impressive for a brand that has "only" 10 years in the domestic market.

The range of engines Dacia Sandero, is it enough?

At present, the Dacia Sandero is available with two petrol engines (1.2 TCe 75 hp and 90 hp) a GLP engine (TCe 90 hp LPG), and other two diesel (DCi 75 hp and 90 hp). If no demand there will be no need to increase mechanical. Dacia not live picture, live to meet the needs of more customers, to get the most performance than offered by the Renault Group. And above, with a product like the Dacia Sandero, it splashes a nice design, what wins many integers in the variant pseudocampera Dacia Stepway, very fashionable SUV.

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