Meet the national law on motorhomes and caravans

Meet the national law on motorhomes and caravans

Travel in mobile home or caravan It is an option to enjoy free time which increasingly is gaining more followers in our country. If you're new to this practice, you should know some legal issues that will serve as an argument to circumvent fines and avoid unnecessary discussions with other road users.

¿Camping or parking? The crux of the matter

We echo an interesting post-article Furgoteta published in the blog specializing in the world caravans, motor homes and vans. On this website, the emphasis is mostly on distinction between camping and parking. In most cases, municipal officials know about the rules and, above all, if the vehicle is parked or camped.

caravanIf your vehicle is parked, you must comply with national regulations on traffic. Your caravan or motorhome can and is allowed eat or sleep in your car, because its interior is private and can do whatever you want into it. As well can place chocks as a measure of security If the vehicle is parked on a slope at an angle or (as it is a safety element recommended). You can alternatively support a steering wheel on the curb. In vehicles over 3,500 kg of m.m.a. (Maximum authorized mass) if the inclination is sensitive, footwear is required. You can not use stones or other elements. Also, you can also raise the roof or open skylights, provided that do not exceed the perimeter of the vehicle.

Your caravan / motorhome consider camping (and therefore bad parked) If you get one or more seats out of the vehicle, you spread awnings and other elements protruding outside the perimeter of the vehicle, you put legs or stabilizers levels, have poured some type of liquid or fluid outside the vehicle and perform a annoying noise that could damage the rest of the people living around (very loud music, the lighting of an electricity generator, etc.).

caravanThus, If your vehicle is properly parked, you should not fear anything. However, if you perform any activity considered camping, you have to find a qualified for camping (camping sites, rest areas designed for it, etc.) site.

legal documents that you must have on hand

Then we put some links with some legislative texts governing the proper use of RV / RV. We recommend that you print to the show as an argument in case you have any queries regarding a municipal traffic officer or a simple wanderer. Remember, park or camping, the crux of the matter.

- Instruction 08 / V-74 DGT

- Motorcaravanning, according to the Ministry of the Interior

- DGT letter explaining that the instruction is mandatory

Source: Furgoteta