How much change tires in Spain?

How much change tires in Spain?

Go through the workshop has become a "quebradero" head necessary for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. As every procedure involves a financial outlay that users must face to get the car ready ... a process that intensifies in summer due to increased displacement. Tallerator, through its price comparison and tire maintenance, has conducted a study that reveals the average price of replacing all wheels Vehicle: 454 euros (453.81 euros).

The truth is that the tires are one of the entrances to the shop higher price. The report highlights that exceeded 10,000 kilometers is necessary to review the drawing of the wheels with special emphasis on the front since they are most suffer wear. On the other hand, change the car has four decks an average price of 453.81 euros. In line with this, remember that Tallerator dampers They have an estimated life of between 60,000 and 80,000 kilometers although the ideal is to subject them to a review every 20,000 kilometers. Changing the front axle is a disbursement of 331.11 euros including mounting while rear left via 273.4 euros.

The tires are not the only elements recorded in the report. And there are other points that should be subject to analysis before carrying out long journeys so common in summer or when exceeded 10,000 kilometers. The report also included as technical elements of the car to check the oil filters and air brake pads and belt.

Tallerator reports that changing brake pads It is the second entrance to the workshop most requested by Spanish drivers; Not surprisingly, their average duration is between 25,000 and 45,000 kilometers. At the front wheels, this operation has an average cost of 114.89 euros. On the other hand, change both the oil and the filter It costs on average, 89.72 euros while the cost of replacing the air filter reaches an average price of 32.58 euros. Finally, Tallerator recommends changing the Timing belt 50,000 kilometers but the fact is that you can reach 100,000 kilometers (Some car manufacturers even listed in the official book keeping one as many kilometers or number of years, whichever occurs first); change kit costs about 415.25 euros.

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