The cheapest car in Spain: less than 10,000 euros!

The cheapest car in Spain: less than 10,000 euros!

If you yesterday we were offering the list of the 20 most expensive cars in the world, today our special report of the day takes us precisely the opposite pole: That of cheapest cars you can find in our market. It does not hurt to know, right now when the summer is over, starts a new course and many family economies are not at their best. If you car asks you need retirement and mobility urgent for a budget or accurate for little money a second car to move around town and around and do not want to resort to second-hand market, you will find more or less acceptable Inexpensive alternatives. We offer the ranking with 10 cars you'll find the market least 10,000 euros, and a list of all the models currently offer a commercial version for less than 11,000 €.

Rate your car for freeFord Ka 1.20 Duratec: from 8,000 euros

Although Ford has already introduced the new Ford Ka + (also see in the article and that is a larger utility), even It will continue to sell a few months the current Ford Ka. Good time therefore to acquire this small citizen of 3.62 meters, 3-door body and 4 seats leading into the market since late 2008. Cheaper today than ever, next to Duratec petrol engine, 1.2 liters and 69 hp power, the Ford Ka you can find today even with discounts below 8,000 euros dealer. A very urban model, although excels in its segment space itself offers a remarkable agility and a very precise behavior. Do not neglect.

Ford Ka range

Suzuki Celerio 1.0: from 8,400 euros

The new Suzuki Celerio never ceases to amaze. With its small engine 3-cylinder 1.0 petrol and 68 hp It has proved to be, in our Technical Center, the car of its kind that has less spent on our tests. With 3.60 meters long and 5-door body, may not be the best citizen market, but perfectly fulfills its mission of urban mobility: it is very light, "ratonea" well between streets and has a touch and shoot pretty nice for day to day . Official offers discounts of nearly 1,500 euros, so find units dealer at a great price: for less than 8,500 euros.

Suzuki range celerio

Suzuki CelerioDacia Sandero 1.2: from 8,400 euros

We were taking a lot to talk about Dacia, the brand queen "low cost" in Europe. But news began to arrive with Sandero, perhaps today its flagship product. this broad utility meters and length 4.06 and 5-door body is a better alternative mobility if you need space, it also has a luggage compartment announcing least 320 liters. Although most interesting petrol and diesel versions and up 10,000 euros, will find little longer versions equipped with 1.2 petrol engine 4-cylinder 75 hp for just over 8,000 euros. It is not a mechanical to shoot rockets, but if not demands large doses of benefits you can get to meet.

Dacia Sandero range

Fiat Panda 1.2: from 9,000 euros

And climbed the barrier of 9,000 euros to get into one of the most interesting cars that we can find on the market for little money. We speak, of course, the Fiat Panda, a nice utility 3.65 meters, 5-door body, convenient and 4 places ... but for little money (less than 200 euros) can homologate for 5 occupants. It hit the market in early 2012 and is known for offering comfort and design, that yes based checkbook can be customized to offer a more attractive appearance. As with the rest, the most interesting versions (TwinAir petrol and Multijet Diesel) and tear over 11,000 euros, but with official discounts reaching 1,500 euros today, you can find your version 1.2 petrol 69 hp (Same engine as the Ford Ka) for just 9,000 euros in Pop finish. For those who do not need anything else.

Fiat Panda range

Dacia Logan 1.2: from 9,200 euros

Sedan 4.35 meters long, a big livability, a trunk with 500 liters more ... And for just 9,000 euros! The miracle car (as it was called originally) exists and goes by the name of Dacia Logan. He was the pioneer of Dacia and one of the first low-cost cars we saw in Europe. Very big and cheap, but equipment and austere finish, is undoubtedly the car market its economic size: next to it 75 hp 1.2 engine power Sandero, It is marketed in Spain on Ambiance finish by just over 9,000 euros.

Dacia Logan range

Dacia LoganSkoda Citigo 1.0 MPI: from 9,400 euros

The draft common citizen car VW group enters the picture. At the moment, representative Skoda, the Citigo, but below you will find another. It is an urban car only 3.56 meters which stands out for its great use of space and practical design. On sale since late 2012, this Czech toddler is offered by a 1.0 MPI petrol engine only 3 cylinders and 60 CV more than honorable for just 9,400 euros in Active finish and 3-door body, thanks to an official discount of 500 euros Skoda dealer.

Skoda Citigo range

Seat Mii 1.0: from 9,440 euros

The other citizen of the VW group present on our list is this Seat Mii, Skoda Citigo previous twin and a Volkswagen Up! that, yes, it is offering a higher price. Seat in case there is also a slight cost overrun compared to Skoda mainly due to their minor official dealer discount. With a somewhat different design and equipment, the Seat Mii also stands out for its agility and its remarkable interior space. A very interesting citizen, also with 1.0 Engine 3 cylinder 60 hp.

Seat Mii range

Karl Opel Ecotec 1.0: from 9,600 euros

Another citizen who has recently arrived to become one of the cheapest cars on the market is the Opel Karl. Next to a 1.0 Ecotec engine 3 cylinder 75 hp power, you can find on the market today for less than 10,000 euros thanks to important official discounts offered. It's about a model 3.68 meters, 5 doors and 5 seats, practical approach and low cost, thus positioning itself in the Opel range below the city also, and more exclusive, Adam Opel. Interesting.

Karl Opel range

Opel KarlFord Ka + 1.19 Ti-VCT: from 9,900 euros

If we spoke of the Ford Ka which until now knew, shift and for the new Ford Ka +. With 30 centimeters long (Total 3.93 meters), 5 doors instead of 3 and 5 places instead of 4, this utility aims to become a more practical and utilitarian reduced price. Although their first units will not begin to be delivered until the end of the year, we know its range and its price: with 1.2-liter, 4-cylinder 70 CV, Commercially will start below 10,000 euros in Essential finish. Therefore it shall be an economical alternative, but of similar size, the Ford Fiesta.

Ford Ka range +

Dacia Dokker 1.6: from 9,900 euros

With 4.36 meters long, a volume ranging from 800 liters to 3,000 seats folded down if and up to 5 occupants, the Dacia Dokker Car closes the list below 10,000 euros. We speak, of course, a medium-sized van homologated as passenger family. And as preverás, it is the most affordable truck market: it could only be Dacia. Together with a high-powered engine for what is customary in this ranking price (1.6 liters) and 100 hp power and, Dacia Dokker is a very interesting model, with a design most curious. To consider depending on usage and the need for space you have. Nor it does not reach 10,000 euros in access version.

Dacia Dokker range

All cars with versions under 11,000 euros (including official discount)

Dacia Duster

Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan MCV

Dacia Sandero

Dacia Dokker

Fiat Panda

Fiat Punto

Ford Ka

Ford Ka +

Kia Picanto

Kia Rio

Nissan Micra

Opel Karl

Peugeot 208

Seat Mii

Skoda Citigo

Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Swift

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Yaris

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