Wallapop the app and leader in the sale of cars

Wallapop the app and leader in the sale of cars

It was in January when sales app geographic location, Wallapop released a new category dedicated to the sale of cars both private and professionals. Since then, Wallapop has become a alternative to change cars, with growth of 30% every month and more than 275,000 cars for sale, situating above the main sales web portals Car in Spain.

The launch of this new category follows the same line in the philosophy of Wallapop, turning the car search in an easy, fast, convenient and fun task. The application has been able to take advantage of mobility, and It offers through its chat tool option valued by users when closing a purchase transaction.

The sale of resale in Wallapop started in consumer products and users have adopted this new way of buying into the engine category, where They have been recorded in the last month more than 20 million search requests vehicle.

New car sales channel

The success of this tool is that 85% of the ads receives a contact from a prospective buyer within 24 hours of being published, a figure showing the effectiveness of Wallapop as a platform for selling cars. Moreover, its success is driven by the creating a specific section for cars within the same app, which has a specific search engine that It allows users to find the car looking for in seconds.

Wallapop has become a new sales channel where, as well as private, are integrated reference marks in the automotive sector and dealer groups. For professionals used car, Wallapop has developed a web platform that will allows up massively entire catalog quickly, practical and simple.

To celebrate the success we're having this tool, #wallacar Wallapop has initiated a contest, with which users can earn 5,000 euros to buy a car in the app. To do this, users They must record a video by karaoke in the car with the song they like and share it on social networks, Instagram or Twitter, always with the hashtag #wallacar, or uploading video to the web www.wallapop.to/wallacar.

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