What fine can put you if you bring your driving license expired?

What fine can put you if you bring your driving license expired?

Sure on occasion, both the identity card driver as we looked expiration date and we have laid the hands to the head. But if it expires within a week! When driving, meat It is a mandatory document that we always carry with us. Y You will have to be in force. Driving with an expired license is like driving without a license, which can lead to problems if the authority agents ask us during our drive.

If we get behind the wheel of a car with a driving license is not in force, the fine can reach 500 euros, nothing less. It is a infringement qualified very serious under Article 384 of the Penal Code, as it is punished "with imprisonment three to six months or with a fine of twelve to twenty four months or to work for the benefit of the community of thirty one to ninety days. "The fine is the same as if we had not taken permission ever.

Provisional driving license: three months' duration

On the other hand, if you go to renew the permit medical center corresponding approved, you usually do not deliver the new driving license at the time. You'll get a temporary authorization to drive, you only have three-month term. The time when the Chief corresponding traffic should send the new card. The temporary authorization is valid only for driving through Spain and must be accompanied driver's license expired.

So we already know. Every now and is no more than inquire of the date of issue of our license to know when no longer in force.

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