The top 20 cars to buy for less than 10,000 euros

Cheap Car: Top 20 models for less than 10,000 eurosCheap Car: Top 20 models for less than 10,000 eurosCheap Car: Top 20 models for less than 10,000 eurosCheap Car: Top 20 models for less than 10,000 euros

Citroen C1 1.2 Feel Edition

He Citroen C1, the smallest Citroën, is an alternative way to get around city and work especially with its Puretech 1.2 engine, which outperforms the 1.0 increase very little consumption. To travel we have space limitations.

- Engine: 1.2 PureTech 82 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: from 8,690 euros
- Porter: 196 liters
- Remarks: Efficiency and economy
- To improve: Backspacing / trunk

Citroen C3 1.2 Live

The Citroen C3 is an option to consider for spaciousness, versatility, comfort and efficiency, although it is a car with the already relatively close over. The selected version mounted air conditioning as standard and its engine is quite profitable.

- Engine: 1.2 PureTech 82 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: from 9,200 euros
- Porter: 300 liters
- Remarks: Overall Performance
- To improve: Noise level mechanical and veteranía

Dacia Sandero 1.2 Ambiance

The Dacia Sandero is an authentic Low price champion and economy of use. But also it offers space and comfort thanks to a fairly soft suspension. It has against the limited sense of refinement and quality of the coatings. There is a cheaper (8,430 euros) version, but not equipped with air conditioning.

- Engine: 1.2 75 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Porter: 320 l
- Remarks: Price, roominess and economy
- To improve: Fair Features

Dacia DusterDacia Duster 1.6 4x2 Base

slightly surpassing our goal barrier we have the Dacia Duster, a car whose simplicity It is guaranteed reliability jutting into a higher category for space and presence, although the reference price has no air conditioning, which would add an extra cost.

- Engine: 1.6 115 hp 4x2
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 10,900 euros
- Porter: 475 liters
- Remarks: livability, trunk and reliability
- To improve: Equipment and materials version

Hyundai i10 1.0 MPI Go!

The specific offers drive down the 10,000 euros the Hyundai i10, a model that conveys good feelings running as soon as we discovered the logic of use three-cylinder engines (Must hurry them to achieve dynamism) and offers excellent agility in town.

- Engine: 1.0 66 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 8,300 euros
- Porter: 252 liters
- Remarks: Versatility and quality sensción
- To improve: dynamic capacity loaded

Fiat 500 1.2 Pop

The embers of PIVE plan and the provision of funding make it possible to have the Fiat 500 below the barrier of 10,000 euros, though always with the headstrong veteran 1.2 aspirated engine of 69 hp.

- Engine: 1.2 69 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 8,700 euros
- Porter: 185 liters
- Remarks: Maneuverability and finishes resale value
- To improve: Porter and fair performance

Fiat Panda 1.2 Young

Small, agile and economical, the Fiat Panda abound rigid plastics and coatings sense of fair quality. But he spends very little and its interior height dimension provides an interesting sense of relief. In the dynamic comply with its lightness.

- Engine: 1.2 69 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 6,290 euros
- Porter: 275 liters
- Remarks: Maneuverability
- To improve: Habitability and fair trunk

Fiat Punto 1.2 Young

Having a city of large, with a good habitability, utility to price is the appeal of this version of the Fiat Punto; a veteran model, with reasonable equipment where air conditioning is included and almost unbeatable price.

- Engine: 1.2 69 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 6,900 euros
- Porter: 275 liters
- Remarks: Price and habitability
- To improve: Features and feel of change

Ford Ka + 1.19 Esential

Arrives become the new Ford Ka +, with a five-door body and a gasoline engine of 1.2 liters available in versions 70 and 85 CV. Roza almost 4 meters and announces a 270 liter luggage compartment.

- Motor: 1.19 70 C
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 9,900 euros
- Porter: 270 liters
- Remarks: Functionality and finishing
- To improve: just loaded Features

Ford Fiesta 1.0 Trend

The Ford Fiesta is classic among city cars that also in this case adds a modern turbo supercharged by a agile and precise chassis. Economic Trend finish does not include air conditioning as standard, even if available in an optional package

- Engine: 100 hp 1.0 EcoBoost
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 8,749 euros
- Porter: 290 liters
- Remarks: Performance and variety of body
- To improve: Optional air conditioning

Kia PicantoKia Picanto 1.0 Euro 2016 Uefa 5p

The Kia Picanto is one of the most logical options city ​​car as it is well done, it spends little, is very nice on your driving and add functionality plus the five gates. Introdu8cir made some improvement, like an address more natural feel.

- Engine: 1.0 CVVT
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 8,054 euros
- Porter: 200 liters
- Remarks: 5-door functionality
- To improve: Features only fair

Mitsubishi Space Star MPI 120 Motion

Mitsubishi Space Star has been updated a few months ago to win visual appeal and incorporate equipment upgrades. Its engine is of pushing and consumo¸de the best of a light and agile car with a chassis premium plus the comfort accuracy.

- Engine: 1.2 80 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 9,950 euros
- Porter: 235 liters
- Highlights: Dynamic equipment and ability
- To improve: Feeling of quality

Opel Corsa 1.4 exspression

Although it is 450 euros more expensive than the Opel Corsa three doors, that of five of us seems more practical and versatile. Promotional discounts surprised him become cheaper than the Opel Karl being bigger than that. The recommended version includes air conditioning.

- Engine: 1.4 75 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 8,750 euros
- Porter: 285 liters
- Remarks: Finishing and dynamic
- To improve: Performance Engine

Peugeot 208 1.0 Access

For a Peugeot 208 by less than 10,000 euros Needless eligible for funding PSA and choose the small propeller PureTech of 1 liter and 68 hp, a "cheerful" engine when high takes turns and generally economical to use.

- Engine: 1.0 PureTech 68 hp
- Combsutible: Gasoline
- Price: 9,967 euros
- Porter: 285 liters
- Remarks: Habitability and comfort engagement / behavior
- To improve: Delivery of torque at low revs

Renault Clio 1.2 Limited

Although there are versions below 10,000 euros, the most interesting with those of 0.9 TCe engine by plus power and throttle response it brings. The Renault Clio has space, modern design and connectivity options. More elaborately improve damping.

- Engine: 1.2 75 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 9,950 euros
- Porter: 300 liters
- Remarks: Porter and behavior
- To improve: Performance Road

Seat Ibiza ReferenceSeat Ibiza 1.0 Reference

With one of the best porters category, the Seat Ibiza has for years been one of the most popular cars category and has few weak points in its range. The 1.0 engine is one of the most recommended for being cheaper than the TDI and offer good performance between comfort and drive, although it is sensitive to the use of the gas pedal.

- Engine: 1.0 TSI 90 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 9,600 euros
- Porter: 292 liters
- Remarks: Behavioral and trunk
- To improve: Consumption sensitive driving

Skoda Fabia 1.0 Like

Spacious, well equipped and with a more than adequate for everyday walk, although its three cylinder engine It will have to be required if we are to make a trip loaded, the Skoda Fabia is one of the most livable and more urban boot time.

- Engine: 1.0 75 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 8,500 euros
- Boot: 330 liters
- Remarks: Termination and habitability
- To improve: Dynamism going loaded

Suzuki 1.0L celerio

Simple, without being spartan, and very agile in city thanks to its 3.6 m long, Suzuki Celerio manifests as a good city car. Economy stands out for using its engine 1.0 and lightness, explained by savings in insulating materials

- Engine: 1.0 68 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 7,640 euros
- Porter: 254 liters
- Remarks: Price and functionality
- To improve: Dynamism and sense of quality

Toyota Yaris 1.0 City

For just 650 euros, rather than a Toyota Aygo you can have a Toyota Yaris: wider, capable and versatile, equipped with the same engine. It is an economical three-cylinder gasoline that meets the expectations of a modest city car.

- Engine: 1.0 70 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 10,200 euros
- Porter: 286 liters
- Remarks: finishes and connectivity
- To improve: poor longitudinal adjustment wheel

Volkswagen Polo 1.0 Edition BMT

Only the three-door body it remains below the target figure, but can be a Volkswagen Polo by less than 10,000 euros, which also it has air conditioning and Bluetooth. Yes, in the end there are better ... but more expensive engines.

- Engine: 1.0 60 hp
- Fuel: Gasoline
- Price: 9,500 euros
- Porter: 280 liters
- Remarks: Termination and connectivity
- To improve: Dynamic Performance

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