How much does keep the car a year?

How much does keep the car a year?

¿How much it costs per year to keep the vehicle? This is one of the most common questions we usually do each driver. Compiling a study a few months ago by the IDAE (Institute for Energy Saving and Diversification) -belonging to Ministry of Industry-, keep a car in our country costs about 2,000 per year. However, since MOTORWAY I think that this figure is too optimistic.

We turn to another source of information, FleetData, specialized in company Market studies. This company suggests that the costs of using a car are 23.70 euros per 100 kilometers euros-about 0.23 per kilometer. This figure block us more with reality, since a rate of about 15,000 km per year gives a total annual figure keeping a 3,500 euros per year.

car maintenanceThe Total costs of a car depend on several factors and, of course, there is always a trick that can save an occasional visit to the portfolio. variable overhead costs, This is the starting point to keep in mind when you know how much it costs per year to keep your vehicle. We started, first, by fixed costs, the financial outlay which is impossible to escape.

Fixed costs

Car insurance

Depending on the type of insurance (all risk, with excess, third parties ...) that offers an insurance company, premiums may vary depending on the chosen vehicle (power and equipment, basically), driver's sex, age , years of experience card, accident history, place where you live, if the vehicle 'sleeping' or garage ... the final amount is calculated according to these variables. Take an amount of starting, 800 euros.

Road tax

He road tax It is a direct tax that receives other names -'Shtick' car seal...-, although the official name is the IVTM tax (Tax on motor vehicles). The amount of this tax varies by municipality and this is where we find huge differences. According to a study by AEA (European Automobile Associates), the variation in road tax in Spain can be up to 600 percent between the cheapest and the most expensive town. Here is an example based on a vehicle tax of more than 20 horses, according to AEA is the capital Melilla cheapest province with 56,00 euros, while the most expensive is San Sebastián with 346.32 euros. We shall base 100-120 euros fixed cost for road tax.

car maintenanceGas

It is a fixed expense, but it depends on the consumption of the vehicle, the number of kilometers and fuel prices. To get an idea, we start from an annual mileage 15,000 km for a diesel car that spends about 5.0 l / 100 km for gasoline and consumes 7.0 l / 100 km, with an average price of diesel to 1.30 euros and 1.38 euros for unleaded gasoline 95. with these assumptions, the annual cost of fuel in a car Diesel It is 975 euros and a gas is 1,450 euros.

Reviews and maintenance

Mechanical revision of a vehicle varies by manufacturer, but it will normally be between 15,000 and the 30,000 km. According to our maintenance calculator provided by Audatex, we can from two types of reviews 20,000 and 40,000 km. In the case, for example, a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi 95 hp with an antique July 2008 to January 2013, the price of mechanical revision of 20,000 km is 129.37 euros with a guide price of 50 euros / hour labor.

There are other reviews and mechanical changes to be made compulsorily at certain mileage (between 90,000 and 130,000 km) and certain years (6-8 years). One of these is the maintenance operations replacing the timing belt, the cost according to the model can vary between 400 and the 700 euros. Maintenance This section must also include another series of pieces that usually deteriorate over time, such as the battery, lights bulbs, tire change (the latter depends on the kilometers and the type of driving practiced). As a guide figure, we can include between 250-300 euros year maintenance (if you have to change tires, this figure would be higher).

car maintenanceVariable expends

Possible expenses parking (If you have not owned garage), possible infractions or traffic fines and the washing and cleaning operations of your vehicle They are called Variable expends in the annual maintenance of a car. In the event that you have to pay a rent a garage, we can from a fee-guide 70 euros per month (840 euros per year). As for cleaning and washing, say 'gunwales' wash your car a month (15-20 euros outside and inside), so it would add another 180-240 euros. A spending all this rain, we must add the possibility that comets a traffic violation.

Finally, another variable expense that becomes mandatory or fixed each year from the tenth year of seniority is the corresponding payment ITV, Another controversial issue that brings head because drivers as is the case with payment of tax, the change in prices It is very large depending on where the ITV pass (up to 113 percent difference according to data collected by FACUA-Consumers in Action).

As you see, the sum of here and there and more than 3,000 euros a year on car maintenance They are virtually assured.