Renault Clio Sport second-hand from 7,000 euros yours!

Renault Clio Sport 2005-2012 secondhandRenault Clio Sport 2005-2012 secondhandRenault Clio Sport 2005-2012 secondhandRenault Clio Sport 2005-2012 secondhand

From time immemorial, utility signature of the rhombus have always had a sporty version. Most veterans will remember the Renault 5 Cup Alpine and Turbo Cup, the Clio 16 V and Williams, while the second generation Clio arrived the first Clio Sport.

In this article, we bring the Sport Clio third generation versions produced between 2005 and 2012, While it is true that in 2009 the model received a light "restyling" with which slightly modifying their appearance, also receiving some improvements from the technical standpoint.

He Renault Clio III Sport He was animated by a tuned four cylinders atmospheric from 2 liters displacement for which declared 197 hp at first and 200 hp with the arrival of Phase 2, what was achieved thanks to slight changes in engine management. The Clio Sport a gearbox mounted six-speed with very short development, allowing to maximize the potential available. Needless to say, a yield of nearly 100 expert liter engine has a sporty mood. A low and medium engine responded with solvency, but the excitement began once passed the 5,000 rpm and to cut ignition it occurred at the border of 7500 rpm.

He frame It was to rise to the occasion, offered a set-uncompromising in search of a purely sporting behavior and highly effective.

Renault Clio SportThe image of Renault Clio Sport and especially the Gordini customizations and R27 F1 among others, makes clear its intentions and something similar can be said of the interior, where there are many units that rode the sport seats signed by Recaro.

The main limitations offered by the Clio Sport They are on comfort. Is a car with a fairly radical approach and logically suspensions have pretty stiffer settings; every irregularity on the asphalt is transmitted to the body while on the road is quite noisy. Of course It is not the most appropriate car on long trips, we must also take into account that spends enough gasoline.

Renault Clio Sport (2005-2012) in the second hand market

The offer the model used is good, especially the first series units built up 2009. Not so much the past and are logically the most desirable. The important thing is to look before you buy cars that are not too tuneados, is very important to focus on the general care and should look for cars that are not too baqueteados, it is preferable to pay a little more to get a better unit retained. Important to ensure that the unit in question has not suffered structural shocks.

The Prices in the secondary market range between 7,000 € and 13,000 € for units in good condition and very few kilometers on the scoreboard. Although the offer is limited, about 10,000 € is feasible to find cars in good condition, that can give us many satisfactions.