SUV Guide: to buy new cars in 2016 and 2017

The new SUV you can buy youThe new SUV you can buy youThe new SUV you can buy youThe new SUV you can buy you

Audi Q2. October 2016

Its size -4.19 m long, 1.79 wide and 1,51- the Audi Q2 will be one of the most compact urban SUV, 2.6 m although its wheelbase and be developed from the MQB platform suggests a remarkable interior roominess plus a trunk of a very interesting capacity. announces 405 liters, that they allow you to outdo most of its rivals and will have the added value that gives the comfort of a motorized gate opening. Here you have more impressions behind the wheel

Audi Q2Audi Q5. principles 2017

The official premiere of Audi Q5 will take place during the last quarter of 2016, with the Paris Motor Show one of the more likely places its release. From the current Audi Q5, the new Q5 increases slightly in its outer dimensions up to 4.70 m in length (Representing an increase of 7 cm). The width also be increased, the somewhat lower height, while the wheelbase is placed in the 2.83 m (about 3 cm). It will be one of the star cars in new modular platform longitudinal MLB Evo Volkswagen Group. If you want more information about the engines and technology that will lead, what you have here.

BMW X3. Throughout 2017

Design, without breaking with the current DNA of BMW X, is shocking. It will be influenced by the BMW X1 and BMW X5. For the first, using many of their functional solutions such as sliding rear bench, and second, questioning their technical status. He BMW X3 would, after imposing and new 7 Series, the second beneficiary and to use the modular platform CLAR and it would take advantage of a structure formed, if necessary, for high strength steels, aluminum and magnesium. It will provide a range large enough to fit all needs. He did not miss a Hybrid plug with 50 km of electric range, or a sports M version, always bright and lowering the current consumption. stiffer and lighter thanks to its new modular platform will be. But not the only novelty of BMW. Here is the book of BMW route until 2020.

Audi SQ7. Summer 2016

Audi launches SQ7 sophisticated technological innovations that make it a sporty SUV very effective, but at the same time, comfortable and treatable. For the amount of technology that takes almost it seems that to be a concept car. Only by name (and price, € 110,970), it is clear that it is the top version of the Audi Q7 range, the fastest and sports. Both those attending driving (24 sets in total) as driving modes (Lift / offroad, allroad, Efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual) are the same as in the standard Q7, but you'll want to know how you will , or not? Access from here to our driving sensations.

Infiniti QX30Infiniti QX30. Summer 2016

4.43 m long with the QX30 SUV will be the version of the Q30. Both were shown to the public in final form in the last Frankfurt Motor Show, but the SUV will not reach the first units until July. Both will be manufactured at the factory in Sunderland in the UK. Infiniti QX30 would the call to seduce a younger clientele. Look at the gallery and judge for yourself.

Grand Cherokee. November 2016

Jeep Grand Cherokee updates its end of the year. Turn to the luxurious Grand Cherokee increase their potential and efficacy offroad by devices, suspensions, assistants and specific tuning. By September 2017, the brand is preparing a new C-segment SUV

Kia Niro Hybrid. September 2016

This is an SUV that has been created from the start as a hybrid car, He is a pioneer in this regard. Of course, this does not seem Hybrid Kia Niro use a hybrid: its aesthetic not invited to believe that we are facing this type of car, because the body does not have differentiators in this regard. The interior also seems an attempt to modernity and futurism as many other hybrids; Moreover, it closely resembles the interior of the Sportage. Opens in a new platform brand (The same as the Hyundai Ioniq) laying the foundation of future hybrid and electric products Kia (And Hyundai). We have already conducted and these are our driving impressions.

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio. July 2016

For now there are no versions in the new Evoque Convertible front-wheel drive and manual transmission, so as little you have to put on the table 54,700 euros to take a Land Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 Convertible 150 hp, Ingenium diesel engine, like the rest of the range. The hood is made by the Webasto specialist, you have five layers and suffice it to say that their quality is impeccable and sealing. and allowed orders and deliveries in July. If you want to know how it goes, here's more details.

Opel Mokka XOpel Mokka October 2016 X.

Small SUVs are fashionable and Opel Mokka comes the turn of updated to remain competitive. Basically, the model of Opel adapt the new design features already seen in the past Corsa and Astra, maintaining its new diesel engine 1.6 CDTi and beginning to assemble the advanced petrol 3 cylinder 1.0 Ecotec. Its range will also have a technology and equipment boost.

Mitsubishi ASX. October 2016

The highlight of Mitsubishi by 2016 is undoubtedly the launch of the second generation of its ASX. The first did not achieve the expected success and this time the most ambitious plans of the Japanese are on him, representing a strategic market segment today. Although it will start with traditional diesel and gasoline engines, company sources and filter in 2017 could release a plug-in hybrid variant front-wheel drive, driven by the good results that this propulsion system has been in his older brother Outlander.

Peugeot 3008Peugeot 3008. October 2016.

After the summer we await the arrival of the new generation of this crossover that will see already with the current image much more SUV. It will continue to improve the Hybrid4 hybrid system, and it is expected that has a plug-in variant that could come in 2020. But one of the biggest changes is, without doubt, his driving position: judge for yourself.

Porsche Macan 2.0. Summer 2016

Variant comes access to the range of smaller Porsche SUV. riding a four-cylinder engine and two liter turbo, which delivers a maximum power of 252 hp power from 5000 rpm. Maximum speed 229 km / h and transition from 0 to 100 km in 6.7 seconds. Do you want more data?

Renault Koleos. December 2016

Product hundred percent Renault, and even use the name already used by the brand, it has nothing to do with him. Here you can see. Announced as one of his great qualities a record habitability, initially for five occupants (version 7 seats reserved only for the Espace is discarded). It will be manufactured exclusively in the new Chinese factory in Wuhan City and will be sold worldwide.

Skoda YetiSkoda Yeti. September 2017

On the MQB platform. From 4.05 meters in length, with a more focused vocation to SUV segment. The Yeti 2017 grows in size over the current model, which certainly going to report improvements in terms of practicality and interior capacity. Dynamism in its design, and less glass area on the sides. Before, we will have seen the Kodiaq, its new SUV, but Skoda has more plans.

Mercedes GLA. End of 2017

Second generation of the smallest SUV brand with the star. Do not there will be significant changes in size, but weight-board technology, safety devices and aerodynamic optimization. The protagonist mechanical level will be 2.0 liter Diesel that, in variants of 150 and 190 CV, replace the current 2.1. Below the 1.6 input of the Alliance is expected. Around 2019, the Mercedes GLA will add its first hybrid version.

Volvo XC40. End of 2017

The new generation Volvo V40 will serve to develop a colorful and attractive variant SUV to be called XC40. Thus, in the Swedish firm you want to gamble much more serious by the crossover and SUV pretensions and skills jackets, so the Volvo XC40 will be an alternative more capable and versatile than the current V40 Cross Country. Aesthetically you can consider as a V40 sobreelevado and an SUV look more reinforced, but also appreciate many similarities with the new XC90.

Skoda Kodiaq. Early 2017

Kodiaq the name of the new Skoda vehicle will be established as the older brother of Yeti and will ship with the goal of being an interesting alternative in the increasingly competitive compact SUV segment. Its strengths: practicality, technology-platform MQB- group and up to seven seats. Skoda, for the moment, does not give more information about its new SUV Kodiaq. Logic tells us that insurance will mount petrol engines 1.4 TSI ACT 150 hp and 2.0 TDI diesel 150 and 190 hp, accompanied by a manual or automatic DSG. It will also feature 4x2 and 4x4 versions. We have already conducted, and this new Skoda deal a blow to competition.

Toyota C-HRToyota C-HR. January 2017

Brand new, made on the platform of the latest Prius. Striking design ... But driving one of the best qualities of this new car: the new Toyota arrives. Of the three possible engines -system hybrid drive for a combined capacity is 122 hp (the same as the Prius), a gasoline engine of 1.2 liters and 116 hp (the same as the Auris) and 2.0 liters to Spain will almost certainly only the hybrid version ..

Volvo XC60. End of 2017

Very wide range of engines, provided with propellers 4 cylinder, both petrol and diesel, and a displacement of 2.0 liters. Hybrid technology will also have a place in the Volvo XC60 future, with at least two plug-in hybrid variants with power up to 407 hp. Here we learn more.