Maybach 62 Landaulet, convertible limousine

Exclusive version of the Maybach 62S.The roof opens in less than 16 seconds.Impressive large sliding roof, and panoramic glass roof.White predominates in the rear seats.Living roomMotor Detroit

Maybach62 SV12 612 hp"The sky is the limit"large slide, panoramic glass roof andleveling system and prevents spilled drinks served

is "descapota" in less than 16 secondsexclusive equipment

No wonder: ask your customers what they ask, workers at its German headquarters in Sindelfingen always respond "Kein Problem!" (no problem). For example, a Russian buyer requested a revolving minibar instead of spare wheel and the drink could be elected by a remote control. However, the most surprising story starred a director of Asian orchestra installed a mirror as a screen separating and got inside the car out of marble, to go rehearsing their movements baton.