The future Mercedes Class A with engines 1.2 and 1.4 petrol

Downsizing for Class 2018 petrolDownsizing for Class 2018 petrolDownsizing for Class 2018 petrolDownsizing for Class 2018 petrol

The Fourth generation Mercedes Class A, which will be unveiled in 2018, will debut a new modular platform, named MFA2, For models with front wheel drive and transverse mechanical arrangement, relying on their petrol engines to the downsizing. Thus, 1.6 liters access step 160 of the current 102 hp, 180 and 122 hp 156 hp 200 will move to the 1.2 and 1.4 liters with internal code M282. will four cylinders, direct injection and supercharging with turbocharger.

Thanks to the agreement between Daimler and Renault groups, will be the Renault / Nissan in charge of development alliance. It is a propellant for exclusive use crosswise, so it does not seem to see it in the C class, if it is added to all derivatives Class A, with CLA, GLA, Class B and a future GLB, which will be direct rival of Audi Q3 Q2-the Audi competes with Mercedes and BMW X1 glacial.

But the new Class A will not only these petrol engines will also be available new 1.6 and 2.0, also turbo direct injection and a version AMG to reach 400 hp maximum power.

With these new engines of small displacement, Mercedes will offer cars with lower consumption, lower level of CO2 -fundamentales to reduce average emissions across its range, which will add about ten electric before the end of 2025 and a prices somewhat lower access to capture new customers.

Of the design next Class A, for the moment, little is known, although the Concept A Saloon presented at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017 gives us an idea. He will share guidelines with this prototype, with the Pan American grill present in the latest models of the star feature.