BMW X5 Security Plus, armored Bond, James Bond

BMW X5 Security Plus, the German armored SUVBMW X5 Security Plus, the German armored SUVBMW X5 Security Plus, the German armored SUVBMW X5 Security Plus, the German armored SUV

How should things be when we know the world car like this. He introduced a year ago in Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept, but far from being a preview of the car protagonist of a new 007 movie, was the answer to a demand for real personal security.

BMW has more than 30 years manufacturing armored versions, especially their large saloon of Series 7, intended especially to protect from attacks on political leaders, but the demand for such vehicles seem to grow in a private capacity. Now him X5 Security Plus It takes advantage of this long experience that is applied to three fields: armor, assault and dynamic alarm.

He armor It applied to the bodywork itself, with panels ballistic steel of high resistance placed in strategic and low areas. Above all joints between doors and fins, rails windows and window frames, and remains of joints we have worked to minimize any point of weakness. It has also been installed in the X5 Security Plus an armored between the trunk and passenger compartment partition. All the crystals They have a thickness of 3 centimeters and carry interleaved layers polycarbonate that protect fragmentation. Apart from the formal requirements, BMW He says submit to X5 Security Plus terrifying to tests under the deadly gunning, from all angles and heights, with automatic rifle Russian made AK-47, he Kaláshnikov par excellence, which has the dubious honor of being the most widespread weapon military assault in the civilian world. Spooky!

BMW X5 Security PlusIf the thing is not so bad and the threat is an attempt to assault in a traffic light or a parking, For example, him BMW X5 Security Plus It has a alarm what activates lights emergency lights and fog and powerful siren, at the same time that locks doors and close all windows. An intercom system allows dialogue with "suspected" muggers and are so sensitive the external microphones, that allows us to listen what they're up even if they move away to a considerable distance.

If the flight is our only solution, some Runflat tires Special permit us roll pricked until 150km to speed up 80 km / h. And even with the previously cracked flanks, also they support quickly point to flee the conflict. And not motor.

He BMW X5 Security Plus only the engine mounts Twin Turbo V8 4.4 450 HP and 66.3 mkg. Has the X-Drive traction comprehensive, In addition to the complements of the variable damping, the active stabilizer and address variable ratio. The tuning of this is specific, to deal with higher and higher weight and center of gravity, respectively, of X5 Security Plus, features that should not be a problem for you, driver. BMW will offer a course of normal and evasive driving, even with shredded tires to emerge unscathed from a situation that never want or to your worst enemy.