Honda Civic 2017: this will be the tenth generation

Honda Civic 2017: longer, wider, lowerHonda Civic 2017: longer, wider, lowerHonda Civic 2017: longer, wider, lowerHonda Civic 2017: longer, wider, lower

The tenth generation of Honda Civic began its journey. Honda revives its turbo petrol engines, this time to stay, starting with the upcoming Honda Civic. They will start in Europe with an engine 1.0 three-cylinder 129 hp (95 kW), plus a second step four-cylinder, 1.5 liters and 182 hp (134 kW).

For these new engines Honda Civic 2017 They have developed a well new manual gearbox six-speed. In the last three years we have led twice equipped prototypes of these engines (see article new engines 1.0 and 1.5 VTEC Turbo), while soft and vigorous, but this time they are already out in series assembly. Still we do not know their consumption, although there are still six months before you start marketing.

One thing to note is that the Honda Civic 2017 will incorporate a Honda complete security package Sensing in all its versions, which it includes additional features to the American version, such as intelligent cruise control that anticipates when someone changes lanes in front of you "drawing the hollow".

Honda Civic Diesel nine-speed automatic

In fact, Honda It takes a month manufacturing this variant five-door Civic, because for the first time exports to the United States from Britain. European versions will not start selling until March. Be end 2017 when the diesel engine will, the friendly, frugal and reliable 1.6 i-DTEC 120PS, so that hitherto coexist five-door versions of the two generations of the Honda Civic. There will also be automatic gearboxes in the gasoline will be CVT continuously variable, while for the 1.6 i-DTEC has developed a dual-clutch box nine gears.

During even longer see the Honda Civic Tourer (wagon version) ninth-generation, "Following their normal life cycle," recalcan- us and we could see live how it is assembled intermingled with other models -including the new Honda Civic or CR-V- flexible plant in Swindon.

Honda Civic 2017The Honda Civic reinvents

If during the last two generations Honda Civic futurístico could boast with their lovers and detractors, for the tenth generation wanted a complete renovation. As a global car, he had to succeed in the world and the profound changes in engineering They say that has been the larger project engineering Honda- They left clearly seen in the concept car, outside and especially inside.

In the concept, 2017 Honda Civic has grown in length considerably, thirteen centimeters which, together with the three centimeters longer wheelbase provided more space They say that leg 4 cm- maintaining a officially trunk identical. Same trunk capacity -a more liter, which does not count, but mouth wider and low load. As is wider and lower, not only it looks larger, but also enjoys more shoulder room both behind and in front. To two centimeters tall losing does not affect the headroom They have lowered by four centimeters behind the bench. With less than 1.80 and the ceiling you feel very close, although the foam will help the fattest. Front also leaves more than sitting under the current Honda Civic -3.5 cm-, enough to have a feeling of driving a sport more than the current trend seems to drive an SUV. This is possible because the fuel tank is not under the front seats and returns to a rear conventional situation. Goodbye thereby seating versatility "to the Honda" returning to a traditional 40/60 when folding the backrest. Yes, the floor is left to the boot with seats folded is very flat. The low sit might be incompatible with visibility, but the Honda Civic and we say that profoundly changes its engineering and has Winning got a degree in forward visibility! even so sitting. As the entire frame is new, They announce a gain in torsional stiffness of 52 percent and that also scratched about one centimeter in thickness windscreen pillar, again improving visibility.

Honda Civic 2017 revolution towards normality

Honda CivicHe driver who will appreciate more changes Honda Civic 2017, not only for what you have before your eyes, what we will soon. no longer hear the fuel moving under it-the stop / start bringing those things to unmask ruidos- and feel enveloped by a deep center console modulable, Large capacity. It hides a USB jack. It is not alone, because the shift lever runs short and smooth operation is placed on the console that is cantilevered and leaves a space underneath for another connection and access to deposit objects. On the upper part a induction charger for your phone and, on the dashboard, HVAC controls and good resolution touch screen. Clean and easy, no apabullar as before with buttons and more buttons, with new connectivity and compatibility with Apple and Android. They will be offered three teams of audio, the most sophisticated with 11 speakers and 465 watts of power and 160 watts basic.

After two generations of Honda Civic trying to surprise with an unusual instrumentation, now the driver has a steering wheel in front of nice shapes with buttons German, plus a instrument panel more traditional aesthetic, although composed of three digital TFT. The sides are for needles and -the fuel temperature indicator itself is physico and in the center the third screen, configurable information (navigation, phone messages, onboard computer, etc.), Seven inches. We have seen the Sport version of the Honda Civic 2017 and carries bright metal pedals, as also seen in the American version. It is most conventional now, with the known button to start -iluminado blank or red-, while the console button find an unprecedented adaptive damping developed by Showa. Not the magnetoreológica Honda Type-R, but a traditional, by adjusting holes; Still, nothing widespread in the segment. Frame rigidity Honda says the leverage to get a better performance and ride comfort. Its width, wheelbase and lower center of gravity are always good starting assets for safe driving behavior. They say aspire to Audi (reference) quality, refinement and dynamism-for example with a dash of one piece or that abundant insulation material we saw in the factory, more "meticulous engineering work"- aiming to beat their rivals generalist manufacturers. They believe they have achieved "be in the segment of compact as to driveability". In the front suspension is a McPherson while behind a multilink point, something that even an Audi A3 does not offer in all its engines. To enhance comfort, the anchors of the suspensions are mounted on hydraulic supports.

They have not spoken weight, unless the body itself, 16 kilos saves current Honda Civic respect to. Let's see what happens with the complete car, given the major equipment and complete security package Honda Sensing. Perhaps after the Paris Motor Show go completing these questions.

Honda Civic 2017: engines and technical data:

Honda Civic 5p

1.0 Manual

1.0 automatic


1.5 automatic


129 hp (95 kW) at 5500 rpm

129 hp (95 kW) at 5500 rpm

182 hp (134 kW) at 5500 rpm

182 hp (134 kW) at 5500 rpm


200 Nm (20.4 mkg) at 2,250 rpm

180 Nm (18.4 mkg) between 1,700 and 4,500 rpm

240 Nm (24.5 mkg) from 1,900 to 5,000 rpm

220 Nm (22.4 mkg) between 1,700 and 5,500 rpm



CVT (7 simulated)


CVT (7 simulated)

Front suspension

McPherson (adpatativa damping at certain levels)

rear suspension

Multilink (adpatativa damping at certain levels)


4,497 m


1,800 m


1,421 m


2,700 m


478 liters

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