Kodiaq Skoda and Volkswagen Tiguan, face to face

Kodiaq vs Skoda VW Tiguan: Which is better?Kodiaq vs Skoda VW Tiguan: Which is better?Kodiaq vs Skoda VW Tiguan: Which is better?Kodiaq vs Skoda VW Tiguan: Which is better?

The Skoda Kodiaq, if we look at its size, will soon enter the market positioned as a large SUV very competitive. The Czech model is generating great expectations: A few days ago we offered you how exclusive their possible prices for Spain, as its interior measurements and even to a first test with pre-series units. No doubt because we are facing an SUV that meet their theoretical rivals (Nissan X-Trail, Kia Sorento, Mitsubishi Outlander, Ford Edge, Hyundai Santa Fe...), aims high. But…also against an SUV as the new Volkswagen Tiguan?

and submit to Skoda Kodiaq Y Volkswagen Tiguan a first comparative statics to see what chances of success against the Czech a German with which, in addition, as also happens with Ateca Seat, shares much of its structure and mechanical ranges. And, at first glance, Kodiaq It disclosed as a Very spacious SUV, functional and flexible solutions most. The new Skoda is therefore a car, as almost all models of the brand, theoretically intended for families who want space but do not want to be left all his savings in the purchase. Come on, look twice the price tag.

Skoda Kodiaq bet into space

It is already a classic in Skoda their cars play to be a step above category would correspond ... And also having the largest trunk among its rivals. It happens with Fabia, with Octavia, the Superb ... and Kodiaq It will not be an exception.

Skoda KodiaqWith a compact SUV platform, the Skoda yes Kodiaq goes to enormous 4.69 meters, nothing less than 21 centimeters that he Volkswagen Tiguan (4,48 Total meters). The wheelbase of 11.4 Kodiaq is also larger than the Tiguan (2.79 meters against 2.68 m) centimeters. Yes, when the XL version of the Volkswagen Tiguan arrives, It already scheduled for the summer of 2017, equal Kodiaq battle. And also the possibility of take seven seats, available from the start in the Czech SUV offer.

It is true that, despite its length is less than the Kodiaq, the Volkswagen Tiguan there is also no lack of space leg and headroom respect, passengers can not complain. Only those who reach about 2 meters high, and only in some situations, could get to touch the ceiling with her hair. For now, if you need a car with very spacious with seven seats, the Tiguan is not your car.

Kodiaq vs Skoda VW Tiguan: maleterazos

Admittedly Skoda Kodiaq inside, as the Tiguan, is carefully crafted. Its visual appearance is good and the feel of the materials, at least these first units, is more than correct. But the Czech model is characterized by having more space for passengers and luggage to the Tiguan. The second row seat longitudinally displaceable no less than 18 centimeters. And also you can adjust the backrest angle.

VW TiguanThe greatest advantage on the current Volkswagen Tiguan offered by Skoda Kodiaq It is in the trunk: 650 liters of total capacity. True, it is an SUV as we said great, but even with that ability the Kodiaq may have under the boot floor two additional seats folded the Tiguan today can not offer. With seven seats occupied, Kodiaq capacity is 270 liters in exchange: a little more than the Skoda Citigo citizen. However, without the third row of seats, the volume increases and can range from those minimum 650-835 liters depending on the position of the rear seats, always measured under the boot lid, because if we remove and folded down the seats can reach Total 2,065 liters.

By comparison, Volkswagen Tiguan has a somewhat smaller trunk the Kodiaq, yes, but its capacity is enormous. also features sliding rear row and officially can cubicar from a minimum 520 liters to a maximum 615 liters. Similarly, the transport capacity is unusually high Tiguan: a payload of 600 kg and a maximum capacity of 2.5 tons trailer ... the same figure reaches Kodiaq. This good capacity especially appreciate the caravaning lovers.

Kodiaq vs Skoda VW Tiguan: well equipped

Already up to the driving position behind the wheel in the Skoda Kodiaq you find an easy to read instrumentation. This is always composed of traditional analog instruments. In contrast, Volkswagen Tiguan allows, in some versions, have a fully digital instrumentation: A TFT screen turn with different configurations: from choosing two large clocks or the browser screen. This screen also the Head Up Display (HUD) in the windshield reflecting the most relevant information not available in the moment Skoda model.

Skoda Kodiaq, photoBut customers future Kodiaq They do not have to worry about. Skoda, depending on the version, can be full of digital technology and connectivity, with Wi-Fi point of access 4G connection for eight devices and complatible with SmartLink, carplay Apple, Android Auto, MirrorLink or SmartGate, in addition to the navigation system based on Google Maps 8-inch screen. The Kodiaq is as well prepared as rival Tiguan in this regard.

The security assistance systems and comfort available Skoda Kodiaq They are remarkable, as with the Volkswagen Tiguan. In both, depending on the version, you can be mounted alert involuntary change lanes, vehicle detector in the blind spot, programmer speed active or semi-automatic parking system. In addition, the so-called Area View generates a view on the central screen around the car. With this system also when it is desaparcando on battery or diagonal and a car appears on the back, Skoda Kodiaq the brakes to avoid impact. You can also include emergency braking, which stops the car in city against both other vehicles and pedestrians. Stops automatically whenever the car is run below 34 km / h.

Kodiaq vs Skoda VW Tiguan: engines

Entering the Mechanical section, he Skoda Kodiaq hit the market beginning of 2017 moment with five engines: three petrol and two diesel, with an engine that will go 1.4 to 2.0 liters and powers from 125 to 190 hp. The small propeller 1.6 TDI with 115 hp and 2.0 TDI diesel powerful 240 hp not be present in the range of Kodiaq and seems to be reserved for the Tiguan. Stray gasoline engine 2.0 TSI 220 horses (riding the Skoda Octavia RS and the Volkswagen Golf GTI) remains, for the moment, in the reserve Kodiaq both the Skoda and VW Tiguan. It is likely to reach mounted in this second model, but is unlikely to reach equip Kodiaq ever.

VW TiguanEngines to choose from, in the 1.4 TSI petrol and 125 hp 2.0 TDI 150 hp is associated standard front-wheel drive. In the last one, as an option, the drive can be to all four wheels with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. The Skoda 4x4 Kodiaq leading Hill Descent Control to leave more safely out of asphalt, but it does not have is a special off-road package with underbody protection engine and front bumper with a larger entry angle ... it does have the Volkswagen Tiguan as an option.

Skoda Kodiaq wins (for now)

In short, this first time and static comparison between the two models, if I had to give a winner, would certainly be the Skoda Kodiaq. It will be cheaper than the Volkswagen Tiguan, you can have two more seats and an ever larger trunk. When the Tiguan 7 seats, some of the benefits will be eliminated, but, of course, also the price will rise further. The final question then will be:how much you value take one or another brand on the front of your car?

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