BMW 1 Series Convertible ACS1

Rear view ACS1 BMW 1 Series Convertible.Side view ACS1 BMW 1 Series Convertible.front view BMW 1 Series Convertible ACS1.front view BMW 1 Series Convertible ACS1.

Why not gather in the best of personalization preparations M-Technik with custom accessories AC-Schnitzer? Well this is what has happened to the BMW 1 Series Convertible, under the name ACS1, mixing the best of automobiles 'M' with the seal of elegance and exclusivity of AC-Schnitzer.

The most notable changes presented by the BMW 1 Series Convertible ACS1 street from the model we should look for in the mechanical chapter, in which three of its engines have stretched their power. Thus, the petrol engine 135i It increases its power from 306 hp to 360 hp, modification including a sports rear muffler; meanwhile, in the 123d Diesel Engine, power is estimated at 240 hp, when in the standard version is 204 hp; Finally, the propellant diesel 120d also it stretches its power in a total of 33 hp, from 177 hp engine series to the 210 hp modified propellant.

The range of accessories that are included in the joint preparation of AC-Schnitzer and M-Technik also affect Exhaust system. It has opted for one more typical of a race car in one street. In addition to being available with the engine 135i, you can also optionally mount for engines 118i, 120i, 125i, 120d and 123d. The tailpipes on all of them have a chrome finish.

Chapter of the suspensions It has also been revised. Thus, there is available a sports suspensions tared for engines 118i, 120i, 120d, 123d and 135i. You can also mount Adjustable suspension system height competition for 120d, 123d and 135i engines. But if we want much more radical, for 120d, 123d and 135i engines we can pick a suspension system with a Many firmer springs.

The exterior design of the BMW 1 Series Convertible can also be modified. Thus, the ACS1 may incorporate a front spoiler by AC Schnitzer which in turn can have certain elements of the sports versions of M-Technik. The same happens in the rear, where there is installed new skirt. On the other hand, for the BMW 1 Series Coupé AC Schnitzer has designed a specific spoiler.

Already in the inside, There are also various customization options. We can, for example, encrypt speedometer 320 km / h, although this is not the most prominent change because quality materials like aluminum and carbon fiber They are present in the three-spoke sports steering wheel, door panels, ashtray, gear lever, handbrake, pedals and footrest. The floor ACS1 BMW 1 Series Convertible also offers mats matte color.

Finally, in this preparation also it included a wide range of alloy wheels whose diameter can be 17, 18 and 19 inches. AC Schnitzer offers alloy wheels named Type VI; Type IV exhibit the termination silver and a bicolor tone; the 'Racing' Type III have a sports and different from the previous design; you can also choose a more discreet tires with Type III and Type II.