Nissan Nismo IDx and Freeflow, sports and retro

Nissan Nismo IDx and Freeflow, sports and retroNissan Nismo IDx and Freeflow, sports and retroNissan Nismo IDx and Freeflow, sports and retroNissan Nismo IDx and Freeflow, sports and retro

Besides the GT-R Nismo and BladeGlider Concept, the other two surprises Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 have been the IDx Freeflow and the Nismo IDx. Both models feature an attractive retro coupe body dyes, all a modern interpretation of some very popular Japanese classics such as Datsun 510 and the Nissan Prince Skyline.

True to some of the classic Japanese sports, Nissan anticipates that IDx Freeflow and IDX Nismo There are two rear-drive coupes. To become reality any of these two models, Nissan put on the market a rival to the height of the rear-drive coupes Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ-.

He Nissan IDx Freeflow (Pictured, which appears on-yellow light brown) has a more conservative retro design, not without details sports, as marked wheel arches and big tires with four double spokes. The dimensions announced for IDx Freeflow indicate a length of 4.1 m, a width of 1.7 m and a height of 1.3 m.

For his part, Nissan Nismo IDx It comes with a coupe body with more aggressive dyes and colors war Nissan sports division (Nismo), ie in red, white and black. In this version, the body adopts more aggressive dyes, with very marked side skirts and a roof spoiler as leading differentiators. For this contribution 'extra muscle', the width of the body in this Nismo IDx It grows up to 1.8m.

At mechanical chapter, there are few data unveiled Nissan about IDx Freeflow and IDX Nismo. For Freeflow, the Japanese company announced possible petrol engines between 1.2 and 1.5 liter, coupled to an automatic transmission CVT continuously variable, while for the Freeflow engine version is also anticipated petrol 1.6 turbocharged direct injection also coupled to a CVT.

Our opinion

Charming and original presents these and IDX Freeflow IDx Nissan Nismo. Great combination of retro lines and coupe body fun of a rear-wheel drive. However, in our view we would add another different type of box changes to the CVT, for example, a manual short and precise routes as sports of yesteryear.