Toyota Setsuna, wooden two-seater car and electrical

Toyota Setsuna, wooden two-seater car and electrical

He Toyota Setsuna it's a car made mainly of wood and driven by electrical technology. With this prototype, Toyota will participate for the first time in the 'Salone del Mobile' in Milan, also known as the Milan Design Week.

He Toyota Setsuna is a roadster what does it measure 3.03 meters of length, 1.48 meters wide and 0.97 meters high, with a wheelbase of 1.70 meters. It has capacity for two occupants and no roof. uses different types of wood for exterior panels, frame, floor and seats. Wood, if properly cared for, can last many generations, also it acquires a color and texture according to its specific use and environment, adopting a unique character.

The name of this Toyota, Setsuna, means 'time' in Japanese and symbolizes the special and fleeting moments that people live with their cars, making each vehicle is unique and irreplaceable.

According Toyota, the decision to make the Toyota Setsuna wood, a durable material but tends to evolve over time, reflecting the effort Toyota shaping the relationships between people and their cars. 'He Toyota Setsuna It symbolizes the gradual transformation experienced by vehicles over the years, as if to absorb the aspirations, memories and emotions of multiple generations of a family '. Every time a car passes from one generation to another, accumulates sentimental value.

Kenji Tsuji, the engineer who oversees the development of Toyota Setsuna, He explained: 'We evaluated several ways to express the concept and select different woods for specific applications such as Japanese cedar and Japanese exterior panels to the frame birch. We also pay special attention to measures and organization of the various components. For the assembly structure, we adopt a traditional technique Japanese woodworking named okuriari, what does not use nails or screws. The body line of setsuna draw a beautiful curve reminiscent of a boat. We would also like to imagine how the observer setsuna It will gradually develop a complex and unique character throughout the years. The vehicle It includes a clock 100 years measuring the time to go through generations, and seats that combine functional beauty with soft tone of wood. '

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