So will the new Tesla Model 3 against Model S

The game differences: Tesla Model 3 against Tesla Model SThe game differences: Tesla Model 3 against Tesla Model SThe game differences: Tesla Model 3 against Tesla Model SThe game differences: Tesla Model 3 against Tesla Model S

If you look at boards that accompany this text and the photo gallery, You think that Tesla is not interested in selling its new Model 3, the most accessible and inexpensive to its sports hundred percent electric. At least when compared with the emblem of the American car brand, the Model S. And is that there is already talk of a campaign "anti selling Model 3" within the company itself!

Because if you compare the Tesla Model S and Model 3, the differences are abysmal in every way. One thing is clear: Tesla wants first of all that the name "Model 3" does not refer to what could be interpreted as a third generation of their cars. It is neither more nor less, the access model to the range Tesla.

You check out the tables have revealed: perhaps the most striking fact is that, while the Tesla Model S more than 1,500 different configurations, the Model 3 this figure does not even offer 100. Just look at the range of one another: the Tesla Model 3 will arrive only with a battery option, which gives a autonomy hundred percent power up 346 kilometers; the Tesla Model S batteries are available 75, 90 and 100 kWh capacity, with option to be rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and with a range that moves between 400 and 539 kilometers. It is hoped, however, that the Tesla Model 3 incorporates a second battery later.

Tesla Model 3 against Tesla Model S

In Model 3, you pay for using superchargers Tesla

Another important detail that will meet new customers the Tesla Model 3 is that it can not make free use of fast charging stations "Supercharger" brand itself, This luxury reserved to the owners of a Tesla Model S. A level of enjoyment of benefits, the difference is remarkable: the best of the Tesla Model S is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.3 seconds; the Tesla Model 3 has to settle cover in 5.6 seconds.

With a length of 4.68 meters long, the new Tesla Model 3 declares a figure much lower in terms of Loading capacity (In separate zones front and rear): 396 liters 849 liters compared to the Tesla Model S, more than double for the case of the latter. At cabin the Tesla Model 3 will only be room for one digital single 15 inch; in his older brother, two screens are available, the main 17 inches.

No doubt Tesla sellers will throw good hand in this table to try to take advantage of its flagship, the Model S. Sprig come when a customer comes looking to one of its dealers and finds out that to have the Model 3, will have to wait at least until midyear 2018; if you want a Tesla Model S, it may take less than a month.

The figures obtained so far endorse the new Tesla Model 3. Before you even know many details, Tesla had already received 115,000 bookings. These figures do not stop rising, so we can expect that the new Tesla electric sports car it will be a bestseller.

Tesla Model 3 against Tesla Model S

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