Mercedes CLA 45 AMG new, 360 hp at AWD

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG newMercedes CLA 45 AMG newMercedes CLA 45 AMG newMercedes CLA 45 AMG new

AMG outdone. If the new Class 45 AMG He presented on the market four engine cylinders more powerful production, these artisans engineering repeat the same formula in the attractive CLA 45 AMG, one of the most shining star these days during the New York International Auto Show.

Mercedes CLA 45 AMGThe Mercedes CLA 45 AMG It will be sold in September, although in Germany it can be purchased from July at a starting price of 56,078.75 euros. This attractive sedan, which shares much of its technical structure with Class A, incorporates a four-cylinder turbocharged 360 hp, coupled to known automatic double clutch AMG Speedshift DCT seven-speed associated with the latest evolution of the proven AWD 4Matic. The result of the combination of this engine and the transmission, the firm announced for Star CLA 45 AMG a maximum speed electronically limited to 250 km / h and one acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds.

The propeller Mercedes CLA 45 AMG complies with antipollution standard euro 6, so we're not just talking about a prestacional engine with capital letters, but also offer more than acceptable levels of efficiency. Translated into fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and according to initial data provided by the star signing for the CLA 45 AMG an average consumption that varies between declaring 6.9 l / 100 km and the 7.1 l / 100 km, with a level of CO2 emissions from 161 Y 165 g / km of CO2.

Driving and sportiness à la carte

So with the new Class 45 AMG and the New CLA 45 AMG, Mercedes Benz It aims to provide a thoroughbred sports in which the lucky driver always decides the right to have a good time. To do this, what better way to select the different operating modes AMG Speedshift DCT automatic transmission, with three possibilities: 'Controlled Efficiency' (Selected by placing the selector in point C), 'Sport' (Point S) and 'Manual' (Letter M). The Sport and Manual modes are optimal for a sportier performance and features to change and is not available on both the Stop system & Start and stop-start engine (only works in the 'Controlled Efficiency' mode). For lovers of strong emotions really, the CLA 45 AMG also offers a specific change program called 'Race Start', with changing parameters that significantly increase the speed of transition between running and running and therefore also increased the sense of increased adrenaline.

Mercedes CLA 45 AMGHe Mercedes CLA 45 AMG, as a sporting good also aims to provide versatility in driving it features an evolved system stability, which allows activating (ESP ON), Delay activation (ESP Sport Handling) And turn it off completely (ESP OFF). Remarks an additional stability control function called ESP Curve Dynamic Assist, a device that stops only just measure the inner wheel of the car when cornering at high speed are plotted and shown early signs of loss of motor skills. This braking is imperceptible to the driver and adapts to the electronic parameters of the ESP and ESP OFF Sport Handling mode, with high standards of agility and dynamism, according assures Mercedes Benz.

An extremely direct steering, ventilated and drilled a high-performance 350 x 32 mm brakes on the front wheels and 330 x 22 mm on the rear and self shoes of an athlete, in this case, special measures 235/40 tires R18 are other interesting details New CLA 45 AMG.

In this work of art created by AMG, Nor it will miss a wide range of elements personalization for the outside and inside, with alloy wheels 19 inch -of larger diameter and with different designs, aerodynamic components of carbon fiber, leather inserts and carbon fiber inside ... ultimately exclusivity and elegance in the service of the most rabid sportsmanship.