The Spanish Seat SUV will name

The Spanish Seat SUV will name

Seat returns to its tradition of recent years and He called his SUV model named one of the more than 8,100 municipalities What is there in Spain. This time it will not use a Latin name (Seat Exeo), invented (Seat Mii) or a Spanish monument (Seat Alhambra).

In recent weeks it has been rumored a lot about what Seat will use the name for its new model. One of the most force has taken is to Seat Arán, referring to the valley of the Pyrenees. The rumors were fired because the name was registered by the brand since 1985.

Since Germany It has begun to say that the name chosen for the new SUV was Seat Tecta. This name will be chosen to not correspond with any of the names of more than 8,100 Spanish municipalities.

Since Seat has sought out a name which, although not known outside Spain, have good sound in all languages, whether short Y easy to remember. A good example is the Seat Leon unaccented on the label and associated merchandising vehicle due to external markets, which most units manufactured at the Martorell plant are addressed.

Seat began to call their models with the name of a Spanish city in 1982 Seat with Ronda. Derived from the Fiat / Seat Ritmo when its redesign was undertaken after the rupture of relations between Seat and Fiat it was decided to rename it. After the Seat Ronda in the 1980s came the Seat Malaga (1984) and the Seat Marbella (1986). Subsequently other cities or towns have been used by Seat Toledo, Ibiza, Leon, Altea, Cordoba, Inca, Arosa ...

In addition, the brand is based in Martorell registered They are known as names of places such as Barcelona Seat, Seat Valencia, Avila Seat, Seat Menorca, Seat Cádiz or Seat Teide. But also others that have nothing to do with denominations of place as Seat Zara, Seat Jara or Seat Duna.

The answer to Which will be his name Seat the new SUV is finally revealed in the last days of February, when the brand announced the definitive image of the car. And since you anticipate that much to you have at the beginning of this information it will appear.

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