The new Tesla Model 3, for their first time on video!

Tesla Model 3, gets her first videoTesla Model 3, gets her first videoTesla Model 3, gets her first videoTesla Model 3, gets her first video

Just as we have seen in motion, but this little video that TheBestGamer505 has posted on his Youtube channel shows for the first time the new Tesla Model 3 moving. This first unit, in pristine black color, it is taken to a nearby car park factory for relevant photographs.

The owner of this first unit is Elon Musk, Tesla owner, and whom Ian Ehrenpreis (company director) has given this first Tesla Model 3 for his 46th birthday. Thus, Musk is credited with the first drive of the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model X, which has already joined the small coupe.

Tesla aspire to the Model 3 mark a turning point in the evolution of both the company and the market in electric cars. With at least 345 km of autonomy on a single charge, an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in six seconds and an attractive price (expected for about 30,000 euros) Elon Musk wants the Model 3 Tesla flag becomes widespread electric vehicle.

This first unit will have to wait to see their new brothers. On the 28th of this month 30 new units will be delivered, but production will grow at an exponential rate, since September is expected to go a hundred Tesla Model 3 factory and in December and exceeded 1,500 units.

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