Mazda’s future: the combustion engine has a long journey

Mazda's future: the combustion engine has a long journey

The date is so far away that society and its demands on the car will have become so much that it is difficult to calculate the current perspective. But manufacturers are clear that should meet demand and in a specific way legislative regulations market rate. We focus on Mazda, which have just come to find out part of their strategy.

Future plans go through improved combustion engines, where the engine glow SKYACTIV gasoline-X, and the progressive introduction of electrification in the range starting at 2019 with this engine and Hybrid concept and extending Mild almost another two decades. But then even, according to forecasts handling Mazda, over 80% of its products will continue relying on internal combustion engines, most of them associated with hybrids, plug-in hybrids and tencología energy recovery to recharge battery accessories .

Previously, in 2019 it is expected to be entered the first 100% electric and Mazda will know if it will or not extended range, with an internal combustion engine that serves as a generator for battery-. It anticipates the first plug-in hybrid der Mazda, scheduled for 2021. However there are no plans to develop a car powered fuel cell from hydrogen. We cleared him during his Global Tech Forum considering that this technology still has major shortcomings, especially in supply to be used extensively.

The evolution of the product range runs parallel to the research and development that Mazda has already announced, including the autonomous driving, understood as an automatic copilot to help keep drivers most active age from 2020y development synthetic fuels from algae, what they have already achieved experimentally using the family of Euglena.