BMW X5 2014, transition to the third generation

New BMW X5 2014New BMW X5 2014New BMW X5 2014New BMW X5 2014

The new BMW X5 He is falling. He Large SUV German reinvents itself to face the Range Rover, starting with the variations in their dimensions: It grows 29 mm in length (Now 4.886 meters) 5 cm in width (1.938 meters), while loses 14 mm height (1.762 meters). He weight It specified is very similar to the outgoing generation (about 2,070 kg); Nevertheless great savings in this aspect -anunciado 150 kg - It will come with the new version sDrive25d, with four-cylinder diesel engine (first in the range of SUVs) and rear-drive (which also opens).

The changes also come to your exterior design, a lot more proportionate Y more fluid lines in its third generation. Seated on the modular platform brand for your car segment E, wider body -more aerodynamically results in a more muscular hood, in addition to LED new headlights and refurbished at the rear light units, spoiler under the rear window Y new double tailpipe trapezoidal.

He inside will have a more space, It has improved visibility and they have increased the possibilities of customization, with finishes 'Pure Experience "," Pure Excellence' and the M Sports Package the agenda. At trunk, capacity will from 650 liters to 1,870, with the ability to install, optionally, one third row. In addition, a system is provided opening and closing the trunk by remote control.

New BMW X5

Engine range

All engines in the new BMW X5 fulfill the Euro 6 regulations. At the time of launch of the new BMW X5, scheduled for last quarter, the range will focus on three mechanical variants: xDrive 50i, with new generation V8 gasoline engine and 450 hp; he xDrive30d, Diesel engine with six-cylinder, 258 hp; and the M50d by BMW M Performance, Diesel drive with six triturbo cylinder 381 hp.

Later in the month December, will come new versions in gasoline, xDrive35i with six-cylinder engine and 306 hp; and Diesel, xDrive40d 313 hp, xDrive25d (With data still unconfirmed) and sDrive25d, with the best fuel consumption and emissions data -5.6 liters per 100 km and 149 grams of CO2 per km-. And later still, the range will feature hybrid version 35ih, with 3.0 petrol engine 306 hp electric motor accompanied by the 5 Series ActiveHybrid, with 54 hp (40 kW)

All mechanical range will be associated to a standard eight-speed automatic transmission, in addition to the technological solutions brand applied to efficiency, under the name of BMW EfficientDynamics: Auto Start Stop stop-start engine system arrests and Eco Pro mode.

These technological systems not the only ones in the new BMW X5, which comes in its third generation adopting other solutions other brand models: Control switch with driving modes 'Comfort', 'Sport', 'Sport +' and 'Eco Pro' powerstearing electromechanical series and optional active steering and BMW ConnectedDrive systems. The latter includes, among other elements, assistant autonomous driving in traffic jam, warning lane change assistant for parking, system overview 'Surround View' with 360-degree image, night vision system, beam steerable light, etc. Optionally, the German brand offers a screen controls Display '10.25 inches.

* Initial range of the new BMW X5:

- BMW X5 xDrive30d:

Diesel, six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo, 3.0 liters

Power and torque: 258 hp, 57.1 mkg.

Acceleration (0-100 km / h): 6.9 seconds.

Maximum speed: 230 km / h.

Mixed consumption: 6.2 l / 100 km.

CO2 emissions: 162 g / km.

- BMW X5 xDrive50i:

Gasoline TwinPower Turbo V8, 4.4 liters

Power and torque: 450 hp, 66.3 mkg.

Acceleration (0-100 km / h): 5 seconds.

Maximum speed: 250 km / h.

Mixed consumption: 10.4 l / 100 km.

CO2 emissions: 242 g / km.

- BMW X5 M50d:

Diesel, six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo, 3.0 liters

Power and torque: 381 hp, 75.5 mkg.

Acceleration (0-100 km / h): 5.3 seconds.

Maximum speed: 250 km / h.

mixed consumption: 6.7 l / 100 km.

CO2 emissions: 177 g / km.