Smart Fortwo and Forfour electrical ed, prices for Spain

Now on sale the Smart Fortwo and Forfour electricNow on sale the Smart Fortwo and Forfour electricNow on sale the Smart Fortwo and Forfour electricNow on sale the Smart Fortwo and Forfour electric

Thanks to the premiere of a new platform, Smart launches first electric variant of its Smart Forfour ed his four-seater citizen in less than 3.5 meters long, with zero emissions and 155 kilometers of autonomy recharge. Board charger is 4.6 kW and allow recharge to 80 percent in one take home in six hours. a mural charger, which would reduce this period 3.5 hours will also be provided.

Forfour Fortwo ed and electrical ed. Prices for Spain



Ed Fortwo coupe

23,302 €

June 2017

Fortwo convertible ed

26,730 €

July 2017

Smart Forfour ed

23,966 €

June 2017

Being essentially the same car, the price is just 650 euros higher than the Smart Fortwo ed in which the Smart Forfour is based: on this premium are the "added" 62 centimeters wheelbase, the two extra doors and two extra seats, nothing expensive practicality is gained. Smart Forfour lose some agility Smart Fortwo ed, not only by the size, also by weight, which makes the homologated acceleration of 11.5 seconds pass Smart Fortwo ed to 12.7 seconds of the Smart Forfour . In the Forfour ed autonomy alone I would have lost 5 kilometers officially regarding the Smart Fortwo ed.

Among the new equipment highlights the active braking assistant which premieres the latest generation of Smart, based on radar. At Smart ed not only provides security but also serves to automatically adjust retention provided by the electric motor when you lift off the throttle, depending on the pace of traffic. With it you get easy driving, but also optimize energy recovery from braking, increasing the actual battery life.

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