Audi Q2 to Q9: All Audi SUV will arrive

Q2 to Q9, all Audi SUVQ2 to Q9, all Audi SUVQ2 to Q9, all Audi SUVQ2 to Q9, all Audi SUV

Is not that is well proportioned?"I proudly ask the father of the child, the head of Audi design When I commented on the deceptive size of the new Audi Q2. We sell them as a SUV "120 percent urban", but the visual sensation is bigger than you intuías car. No, the task of a designer is not easy, is not to create some nice lines, but help all the products that can demand from the marketing department in the future are coherent, feasible and that integrate naturally. No, I'm not doing a eulogy of this work, but making it clear that, the first time you stand in front of an Audi Q2, what comes to mind is still They have left a smaller place for future Audi Q1.

Precisely because of its size could be misunderstandings regarding the origin of the Audi Q2 constructive. And everything still fits, because the Audi Q2 has been developed on the MQB architecture, with extensive amount of mechanical modules. As if it could not be otherwise, the maximum Audi new head coach said we dry: "yes, it's MQB", Wondering what journalists are those who doubt even the obvious. The reason was simple, because in the rear seats have disappeared vents a "luxury" which not all cars can boast compact size. "Not have that wanted a car very focused on the front seats"We Lichte explains and more condescending than Stefan Knirsch, down to explain that "of the two wheelbases we use for Audi, the A3 three-door and five-door, for Q2 we started three doors".

Make no mistake, ergonomics standards Audi Q2 are Lichte own height and 94 cm in height to the ceiling behind the space behind is no problem. With its elevated position own SUV concept car, it is natural that there is plenty of room for your feet under the sidewalks. They say that the focus is kept front seats, but find no fault behind with 2.60 meters wheelbase. Yes, despite offering five seats, the center is terse, with those 1,32 m wide. He trunk It is as always in Audi, very cubic, with generous space for a spare wheel, although in all cars we saw was the sound team who stole space. According to measurements "on-site", the trunk about 280 liters cubed real. Away from the official figures, over 400 liters undoubtedly take the opportunity to include the bottom as a useful space.

Audi Q2, their engines

With all this, anyone who knows Audi organized grid can imagine what you'll find on the mechanical side of the Audi Q2. In gasoline starts with 1.0 three-cylinder 115 hp, that you can go with either a manual six marches as an S-Tronic that is a DSG double-clutch-of saying in the press release that have been modified to reduce friction, but we do not get more detailed explanations Dr. engineer Knirsch. More in keeping with the image of the car looks like 1.4 150 horsepower with cylinder shutdown, while in mid-2017 it will launch the 2.0 TFSI 190 hp, presumably this, Miller engine. Frugality from view by the side of the gasoline. Knowing the intentions of the two previous patterns quattro planning the development of the RS versions from the beginning of the project, will have to wait an extended offer with a Audi SQ2.

Audi Q2On the side of Diesel engine, the confidence of Audi with TDI does not seem to have changed, despite the controversy emissions. Have reasonable grounds for doing so, if we ignore a "double-digit growth in Spain. It will start with 1.6 TDI 116 horses, only be available as front-wheel drive. The second step jumps several steps, because it is the 2.0 TDI 190 hp, also available with quattro drive and only with manual transmission. The remaining gap will be covered later by the 2.0 TDI 150 hp version.

MQB Audi Q2 adopts the technology of radar and camera function to provide assistance jams, with which not only adjusts the speed of the car in front, but actually takes action on the steering wheel. Of course, this technology sensors also can offer the standard emergency brake assist. Without being a pioneer, it is the classic permeability to the lower segments. Nor is Release virtual instruments box, which he debuted with the Audi TT and allows you to set the desired display, either a conventional picture, a 3D map navigation, etc. It will offer a head-up display, in which he projected speed information and navigation on a transparent panel that emerges after the chapel of the instrumentation. Instead, be the last to arrive can take a small step forward in connectivity.

Beyond his qualities as a coach and emphasis on design, Audi says it has put the emphasis on this connectivity. As they explain, The key is integrated SIM card, not physical, but not eSIM a year ago was a first in the high-end phones. To do this you need to access the high-end equipment, called MMI navigation plus with MMI touch (a touch panel located on the rotary knob located between the seats). With the highest specification of equipment Infotainment comes bundled voice control with natural language and a WiFi access for car occupants. This allows all kinds of Internet browsing and Audi Connect services.

If we ignore its president, the Audi Q2 wants to be a leader in real-time via the Internet, "twitter included"And since they already seem used to upgrade our applications again and again, the Q2 update every six months in remote navigation. Internet radio, google search, shipping destination browser ... it will be possible in Q2. Of course, the modular infotainment platform allows coupling second-generation phones via Apple's standards Car Auto Play and Android. Management interfaces seem so intuitive and fast as the latest achievements of Audi. Of course, the fit and finish on the line with the brand we used, something even recognize competitors who were going to keep an eye -and gauge and a photos- by the stand.

Audi SQ7 and e-tron, ends

There was a more powerful Audi Q7 the first SQ7 history, a V12 TDI with 500 hp, but no faster or more efficient than now sportier Audi Q7 range. The brand achieved years later with a 4-cylinder engine less. Also with a Q7 multimaterial, much lighter. He "motor" now a 4.0-liter V8 "alone" 435 hp able to make the SQ7 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds (From 5.5 V12), or to spend 7.4 l / 100 km on average compared to over 11. Speed ​​and autonomy. Gets it being the first production electric compressor, in addition to the assistance of two turbos more, Borrowings's network of 48 volts feeding the compressor, with just 250 milisengudos of "delay" in its response and capable of rotating spinning at 70,000 rpm. More innovations: instead of a complex network of plumbing and valves, turbochargers management low, medium and high load is performed from inside the engine taking advantage of the variable valve timing Audi Valve Lift. ¿High engineering? It depends, because almost simultaneously SQ7 is about to see the light Q7 e-tron: hybrid, plug, diesel... Combination of 3.0 TDi 258 hp and an electric motor of 128 hp, more than two tons, 56 km of electric range and 1.8 l / 100 km average consumption.

Audi SQ7Audi Q3 and Q4, ready for 2018

Exhausted and cycle updates Audi Q3, the next step is a generational leap. And it will do with many surprises to complement the current range both above and below. A coupe? Indeed, it is one of the movements. This unprecedented Audi Q4 will be a more dynamic, more emotional car, but also something less practical. And the second surprise? They run and rumors that, like himself Tiguan, also Q3, It articulated on the architecture of the SUV VW and a greater length from 4.39 m 2018 -of now, will approach 4.45 m- also feature a body XL with two rows of extra seats. At the technical level, the highlight will be not only weight loss, improved behavior and implementation of new and better driving assistants, but the new architecture will contribute to Q3 an upper interior versatility and capacity. Q3 also be the first to feature a version plug-in hybrid taking advantage of the mechanical configuration Tiguan.

Audi Q4

Audi Q5, second part

In 2016 it's up and turn to the full range "5", are passenger cars or SUV, both with goal posts and design models and new generation, so it's easy to get an idea of ​​what the future Q5 that will be released in autumn: technology Audi A4 and Audi Q7 design, with the addition that practically all engines carry the new traction ultra quattro newly introduced, more effective and efficient. And based on the MLB architecture, he Audi Q5 lose weight -more than 80 kg in this case, technology wins Matrix -faros led, among other elements, Newcomers security by driving and connectivity, Virtual Display being the dashboard 12.3 inch TFT one of the differentiators of the new interior.

Audi Q9

Audi Q6 to Q9, huge

In large continent, but especially in content. The strategy is a Q for each potential customer, including a very high level. We will have to wait for 2018, but whom the Audi Q7 fits "little", the Audi Q9, based on it, will be the choice. Who would look too sober or find a more emotional design, Q8 will be the alternative. And among those seeking alternative propellants, the Q6 will offer five hundred horses and more than five hundred kilometers of autonomy fully electric. A rival Tesla Model X, but with all the ingredients you expect to find in an Audi. It is precisely this concept design of the inspiration of the largest Q models also contemplate plug-in hybrid versions sharing power plant with the Q7 e-tron, combining electric and diesel engine.

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