Lamborghini Aventador J, breaking molds

We have among us the convertible versionthe most powerful and radical model Lamborghini,a whole nod to the world of competition withnew Aventador J, world premiere at theGeneva Motor Show.Lamborghini Aventador JLamborghini Aventador JLamborghini Aventador JLamborghini Aventador JLamborghini is undoubtedly one of the major players in the Geneva Motor Show, and rightly so. There has been the convertible version Fan, most spectacular model since it happened to Bat. The Lamborghini Aventador J, retains the same engine the coupe version a V12 6.5 delivering 700 hp, but with a number of features that make this convertible unique.These improvements focus on a containment weight, managing to declare on the scale the same record as the coupe: 1,575 kg. He increased chassis stiffness It takes its toll, so you have to take off off 'ballast' to this end: is omitted air conditioning system, of the navigation system and obviously the roof. There is no doubt that one of its greatest strengths, but more is his design.highlights the no front window and the huge spoiler on the rear. Lamborghini has already warned that it will be necessary to bring the adequate equipment to conduct the Aventador J -in practice, protectoras- helmet and goggles. Throughout his entire bodywork, which has been lowered and widened regarding the coupe model, we find different areas of carbon fiber, the style of the competition.In fact, at the rear of this material predominates, plus another important area made metal painted matte black with function removing the heat. All this will be chaired by four tailpipes located in central area.The Lamborghini Aventador J is longer the coupe version -4.89 meters- but narrower at the front. His body is painted with a exclusive color, a deep red with chrome touch.The Lamborghini Aventador J reminds us undoubtedly the prototype presented by the Italian manufacturer in the same Geneva Motor Show but the year 2005, he Concept S, bridging gaps.

All features luxury, sportiness and exclusivity we met outside the Aventador J we can find in the inside, even though the brand has not yet revealed any specific photograph of the passenger compartment.We know that center console no longer exists, and instead found a panel with start button. The only screens are those just behind the steering wheel, where you can adjust the settings. Besides, the carbon fiber also be present in the interior directly in seats.