Toyota FT-4X Concept: an amazing futuristic SUV

Concept Toyota FT-4X, reincarnation myth-roadConcept Toyota FT-4X, reincarnation myth-roadConcept Toyota FT-4X, reincarnation myth-roadConcept Toyota FT-4X, reincarnation myth-road

In 2006 Toyota began making the Toyota FJ Cruiser, a all terrain from retro inspiration which could be considered modern reincarnation of the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser J40 60s Along the same lines and taking some aesthetic details of their predecessors born Concept Toyota FT-4X.

He Concept Toyota FT-4X It will be presented at the New York International Auto Show and they have already leaked some images of his final appearance, in which we see a white grille as a nod to their ancestors. Is about a design studio, a concept to study public reaction, but do not know when would materialize as a production car, if it comes.

Reaching the series, Concept Toyota FT-4X would base the tnga modular platform (Toyota New Global Architecture) on which are also made the last Toyota Prius, he Toyota C-HR and future models of the brand. In fact, measures Concept Toyota FT-4X not those of would be far from Toyota C-HR, so it might fit within the compact segment.

As mechanics, Concept Toyota FT-4X It could be driven by a four-cylinder engine coupled to a gearbox stepless, type CVTs with AWD and transfer box reductive. Would have different driving modes to better adapt to soil conditions (snow, sand, asphalt, eco ...), which are selected by a located on the left of the steering wheel knob similar to lead the spectacular coupe Lexus LC and the new flagship Lexus LS.

Inside of Concept Toyota FT-4X It has paid special attention to the materials and feel of all controls with a rugged yet functional design, and details as a integrated camera in the rearview mirror the driver, or tailgate with two modes of opening different to use in the field and in urban parking space is limited.

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