The new Toyota’s Tokyo Motor Show: an SUV and a sports

Two Toyota concept to Tokyo: an SUV and a sportsTwo Toyota concept to Tokyo: an SUV and a sportsTwo Toyota concept to Tokyo: an SUV and a sportsTwo Toyota concept to Tokyo: an SUV and a sports

A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case that the images just released Toyota dual concept car which will show in the next Tokyo Motor Show 2017, just accompanied by technical information. But we will not only delight looking at the pictures, we will also tell you how little they say and to speculate on what "a lot" What do we know.

GR Toyota HV Sports

On the one hand is the GR HV Sports, a sporty two-seater hybrid mechanics, that could well be foreshadowing what will be the turn of a sports history rows Toyota Supra. They are well known news that Toyota and BMW They are working on a common project that will emerge new generation Z4 in the range of the German manufacturer (it has already unveiled here as a concept) and parallel Toyota Supra appeal to him late last century to reinterpret key XXI century. In this sense, and especially coming from Toyota, mechanics GR HV Sports It can not be more than a hybrid drive group. Just we know that the battery has focused for better weight distribution, crucial in the intended dynamics in a sport not only in form, function also. Aggressive silhouette GR HV Sports noted for its Targa format... as in his day was also the Supra, feature a roadster sports car gives greater structural rigidity. The interior leaves no doubt about the sport rigorous treatment GR HV Toyota Sports Concept. The cockpit looks great. Striking the combination of keys for an automatic gearbox use with traditional lever guided H and 6-speed manual switching own. He GR HV Sports could move comfortable, ecological and silently in electric around the city and let us take our role "pilot" road, directing and deciding us in a sport of our century that combine electric propulsion with a conventional thermal engine. In Tokyo we'll know more.

Toyota Cruiser Tj

On the other hand, Toyota will do as much or more noise with Tj Cruiser, define a concept that fuses functionality of a van with SUV image that much is shaping the future of the automobile. He Cruiser tj transmit practicality and robustness. His steely exterior image silhouetting a comprehensive and modular cabin. Seats can be fully reclined to clear a cargo area that supports volumes of all sizes, high, long and wide. Bodywork materials are used with a special coating that resists scratches and dirt. He Tj Cruiser use future developments hybrid platform tnga (Prius Y CH-R) That would allow it to offer versions front-wheel drive and 4x4.

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