Volkswagen T5 Multivan Outdoor Edition for adventurous drivers

Volkswagen T5 Multivan Outdoor Edition for adventurous drivers

The new Volkswagen T5 Multivan Outdoor Edition has all the benefits of German van, new details and items of equipment to increase comfort, versatility and functionality. All with the goal of becoming the 'Best ally' driver lover of sports and outdoor activities.

In this way, novel elements in Outdoor Edition Multivan T5 they are: tires Casvavel 17 inch black aluminum, heated electric mirrors, 'stickers' side with the 'Outdoor' logo, drawers slides in the rear seat, and a single white color body in combination with black as a contrast (grid, crystals, stickers and tires).

As for the elements of technological equipment, They have included Package 'Light and Vision' rain-sensing sensors, front and rear parking swiveling front seats, RNS 315 navigation system with Bluetooth connectivity, eight speakers and connection for iPhone and iPod. He package 'Edition' series included in the Outdoor Edition, for example, multifunction steering wheel leather, fog lamps with cornering light ... among many other elements.

The Multivan Volkswagen T5 Outdoor Edition is available with Diesel engines TDI of 114 and 140 hp, with manual shift or automatic dual-clutch DSG, Y 4MOTION all four wheels. All of them, with 'BlueMotion' technology saving fuel and regulate CO2 emissions.

Finally, another novelty announced by Volkswagen for its new special edition T5 Multivan has to do with the price. If you decide to finance your purchase Volkswagen Financial Services, it includes discount of 1,000 euros, he maintenance for four years, free insurance for the first year, an additional 300 euro discount on the program and Volkswagen Genuine Accessories Scott special conditions in stores, specializing in bicycles and sports equipment company.

* Prices Volkswagen Multivan T5 Outdoor Edition:

- 2.0 TDI 114CV Manual 5-speed .: 32,410 euros

- 2.0 TDI 140CV 6-speed Manual .: 34,150 euros

- 2.0 TDI 140CV DSG 7 vel .: 36,120 euros

- 4Motion 2.0 TDI 140CV 6-speed Manual .: 36,695 euros