Toyota Yaris 2017, with new engine 1.5 petrol

Toyota Yaris 2017, with new engine 1.5 petrol

Interesting changes are afoot in 2017 Toyota Yaris range. The first of these changes that we have known is the incorporation of a new petrol engine more powerful and efficient with 1.5 liter and part of the family THIS C -Economy With Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion-.

East new engine of Toyota Yaris 2017 -with an exact displacement of 1.496 cm3- surrenders power 111 hp, Meanwhile he maximum torque is 13.86 mkg (12.03 mkg available from 2,000 rpm). Over the coming months, this new engine 1.5 will join the Yaris range in 1.3 engine replacement of 99 CV.

He 1.5 petrol engine Toyota Yaris It is inline four-cylinder Y atmospheric, ie does not use any supercharging system. The firm says that this new engine improved by 12 percent levels consumption the previous engine 1.3.

As to benefits, Toyota announced this 1.5 new engine acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.0 seconds (For above 1.3, it is declaring a time of 11.8 seconds). Another fairly relay data is the shortest time in the recovery of 80 a120 km / h, with 17.6 seconds versus 18.8 seconds that used the 1.3 engine.

Motor Euro 6c

He new engine Toyota Yaris 1.5 is already adapted to meet the anti-pollution standard Euro 6c and new approval requirements for emissions from cars must undergo actual conduction testn (new regulation Real Driving Emission -RDE-).

To accommodate this new anti-pollution laws, Toyota new engine 1.5 It has a number of technical features that make it special. First, it improved thermal efficiency 38.5 percent, with a compression ratio of 13.5: 1. Furthermore, the recirculation system adopts exhaust -Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)- Reefer and the adoption of the new variable valve -VVT valves iE²-, It is allowing to pass the Atkinson cycle Otto cycle.

Toyota Yaris 2017 premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

The Incorporating this new engine 1.5 petrol It is the first confirmed changes will present an updated Toyota Yaris 2017, which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show to be held Month March.

According to data available, We can ensure that the Yaris 2017 will present slight makeovers and several interesting new equipment. A design level, some of the features already seen in the Toyota Yaris Gazoo Racing team Disputing this year's World Rally Championship WRC.