Volkswagen Golf 2017: official data and photos

VW Golf 2017, your best photosVW Golf 2017, your best photosVW Golf 2017, your best photosVW Golf 2017, your best photos

A greater connectivity and equipment security are most noteworthy sections in the renovated Volkswagen Golf. Also incorporating a new 1.5 TSI petrol engine 150 hp Evo and changes in other engines. Such as the Golf GTI version, which now yields 230 hp in its standard version and 245 CV in the name perfomance.

This Volkswagen Golf It is not a new model, but one renewal to remain competitive in the latter part of commercial life today. This is the seventh generation model and appeared in 2012. The update affects the bodies of three and five-door as well as the family named Variant. For now, the Minivan Golf Sportvan It does not incorporate the changes. It is expected that a Volkswagen brand new Golf appears Year 2018.

In its exterior design change the front and rear lights, he paragolpes front and rear. The first highlight a larger air intakes and secondly, depending on the version tailpipes. At first glance, the changes are not very obvious, which is the brand policy with each change they make to their models. Variants of the current VW Golf carrying xenon headlights will be using technology ledes.

VW Golf Variant 2017 familySo far, Volkswagen has not reported the variation in price to be between Golf currently on sale and the renewed model.

A Volkswagen Golf more connected

The brand has opted to provide greater connectivity features to this renewed Volkswagen Golf. Physically this is reflected on a dashboard larger screens. Thus, if so far we found of 5, 6.5 and 8 inches depending on the finish, in the renewed Volkswagen Golf become 6.5, 8 and 9.2 inches, respectively.

In the finish with larger screen, called Discover Pro, some of their functions can be controlled using gestures. For example, to go from one song to the next or previous it is sufficient to move the hand in the air to the right or left. Similarly, you can switch station or music playlist. This system will be incorporated gradually to other models of the brand.

In addition to this screen with gestural control, Discover Pro It is composed of a DVD DVD, two connectors USB (Compatible with Apple devices, according to Volkswagen), two readers SD cards, AUX-in input mini-jack connectors and a HDD to record music with 10 GB capacity. Optionally you can add a rearview camera, digital radio tuner (DAB +), two USB connectors and more preinstalaciones paths for mobile phones. In addition, the system now "Infotainment" the Volkswagen Golf is compatible with Apple devices and Android, says the brand in a statement. It can be handled, for example, the entire sound system or navigation from the rear seats using a tablet connected to the car.

The system "Emergency Assist" also part of the renewed connectivity Volkswagen Golf 2017. With it you can make calls roadside assistance (automatically in case of emergency), remotely controlled if we have left the door open or lights on or where we parked. We can also control if we borrow our car, if it has exceeded a certain speed or out of an area of ​​the city. Y if the alarm car, you notifies the mobile, Intelligent clock and computer.

Another innovation that incorporates the renewed Volkswagen Golf is the picture Fully watches digital in some versions. It is the same style as we have seen in Volkswagen Passat or Audi TT: A 12.3 inch TFT display fully configurable to suit the driver and called Active Info Display. There are several modes to choose from: "Classic", "consumption and autonomy", "performance and driving assistance", "efficiency" and "navigation".

Inside VW Golf 2017A Volkswagen Golf Driving alone

Another new feature coming with this renewed Volkswagen Golf is the possibility of incorporating the semi-autonomous driving in case of jamming and provided that circulate below 60 km / h. This is possible thanks to the joint operation of several systems: DSG automatic transmission, automatic lane keeping, detection of pedestrians and obstacles with automatic emergency braking. If desired, in a traffic jam can activate the system so that the Volkswagen Golf handles the management, sidewalk and automatically brakes. The conditions for this to happen is that the driver must carry the hands on the wheel and it circulates below 60 km / h. This system is advertised as very useful to avoid rear-end collisions in withholdings and also to reduce stress levels of the driver.

Another possibility that now provide these systems is that the parking attendant can be made semi-automatic maneuvers parked in front battery. In addition, you can also unpark with the assistance of the car.

New engine in the Volkswagen Golf 2017

The renovation has brought a model new engine to the range. This is the so-called Evo 1.5 TSI that pays 150 hp maximum power. In the future Bluemotion version lower power from the same engine for a power of 131 hp is advertised will be incorporated. This engine is notable for the possibility of driving by inertia complete engine shutdown when the driver lifts off the throttle. According Volkswagen, this system can be a saving up to 1 l / 100 km.

Another novelty is the increase power versions Golf GTI. Now the standard will offer 230 hp performance while perfomance will reach 245 hp. So far, the performance was 220 and 230 hp, respectively. Also, the automatic transmission DSG seven relations is incorporated (so far was six) for TDI over 150 hp TSI over 245 hp.

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