Hyundai Ioniq Electrical: prices and definitive equipment

Hyundai Ioniq Electric arrives in SpainHyundai Ioniq Electric arrives in SpainHyundai Ioniq Electric arrives in SpainHyundai Ioniq Electric arrives in Spain

So far the Hyundai Ioniq It was only available in our market in hybrid version, about which I have offered some initial measurements benefits (See Test Hyundai Ioniq hybrid), but the South Korean brand dealers already have units Hyundai Electric Ioniq, a car zero emissions which has an approval 280km in which in scope it is concerned with a full battery charge. But this does not end the range of this model because it will be completed later with the arrival of a third variant: the Pluggable Hybrid Ioniq.

The most important data New Hyundai Electric Ioniq I detallábamos in the article you can see here, but now they have finally released the final prices This model and equipment details of the Spanish range, which is structured on three trim levels, and you can see below:

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Klass: 34,600 euros

This level of completion is marking the access to the range Electrical Ioniq and Hyundai and comprises: alloy wheels 16 inch warning system involuntary lane departure by which it circulates, rear parking sensors, intelligent control speed cruise, automatic lights, browser color display 8 inches -with carplay, Android Auto and TomTom Services-, rear view camera, automatic climate control, rain sir, intelligent key and starter button.

Hyundai Electric IoniqHyundai Ioniq Tecno Electric: 37,100 euros

He intermediate finishing level addition to everything described above the following elements: front and rear lights LED type, electrically folding exterior mirrors, wireless charger smartphones and heat pump, a particularly suitable for those device drivers residing in areas where low temperatures are frequent, as to program a previous acclimatization of the passenger compartment without the energy stored in the battery it will suffer directly leveraging the electricity that reaches the connection point.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Style: 39,600 euros

With the higher termination range, the standard equipment of Hyundai Ioniq Electrical is completed: warning system vehicles in the blind spot, parking sensors in the front bumper, sunroof, leather and heated and ventilated front seats.

All prices quoted on the manufacturer will apply a promotional discount of 1,400 euros all those customers who choose to finance Ioniq purchase Hyundai Electric. Since the mark has also been especially emphasized that all the technology comprising the lithium polymer battery with high capacity and power electronics has a eight-year warranty or 200,000 kilometers.